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  1. Hey U2tapecollector, amazing photo of JT collection. I imagine all items are very rare. How many items are their? What's the prize piece? Do you have other U2 stuff? Sorry to be nosy but you have real dedication! Respect,

    1. U2tapecollector


      Hi, I have no idea how much items i have or how much the prize piece is. I have a lot of other U2 stuff and I was the owner of the now destroyed Homepage www.u2cassettes.com, because I own more than 1300 official U2 cassettes from all over the world. I enjoy collecting Joshua Tree stuff and if someone have an item like a Display or something else, please tell me.


    2. Farmerpotts
  2. I collect U2 items since 1983 but Jt is my favourite era and so I specialized on JT and all official cassettes (i have more than 1300 different official cassettes from all countries) . My site about U2 cassettes is down because a Virus destroyed it and I have no time to rebuild it. I have also a lot of Achtung Baby items and younger material, but I will sell all except JT and the cassettes in the next time.
  3. Hi Malahide, yes they started with Stand by me on that rainy day in cologne. Here is a rare poster of tgis concert !
  4. Greetings from Austria ! Great News ! A 30th Anniversary Tour 2017. It's still my favourite era of my u2 fan life and I am still collecting all from 1987. In Austria we had a Problem with buying the Album in March 1987. The record comany believed, that that there is not a high interest in this record and so the ordered only a few hundreds of the Album for the whole Country. Our local record dealer told us every day that tommorow he will get some copies but he needed over a month for the Joshua Tree Album. But i still remember hearing the celtic pipe of Streets for the first time
  5. It was december 1983 when I (11 years old) came home from school. My sister was baking a cake. She called me because she wanted to show me her new record. The first song was "Sunday bloody Sunday", but this song didn't satisfy me straight away. She let me listen another song "40". I liked this song on the spur of the moment. By chance a few some days later our teacher asked our class of school who knew the band U2 from Irland. Nobody knew the band and this was my great moment. I was the only one who "knew" the band. From now I was the up to date record specialist from our school. We translate
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