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  1. I really hope tomorrow we wont see another farce and tickets will be sold FOR REAL!
  2. Same here: I've tried all day (from 12.00 to 17.00) and never, NEVER I saw a tickets available (standing or seating), at least for 27th and 28th nov dates! how could this be possible!?!?!?! wondering if monday will be the same (=NO tickets available from the start)!
  3. I cant find any tickets....seriously NO tickets just one second after the start of the sale!
  4. unfortunately even those not eligible yes....!
  5. I've just found this on facebook.... https://www.facebook.com/NASSEvents/photos/a.662638087119725.1073741828.662588220458045/966180636765467/?type=1&theater
  6. in november I had sent an e-mail and this is the reply I got (from David at LMN) : then I sent him my order number and this was his reply:
  7. I renewed my subscribtion on 15 november 2014 when the new gift (Another time another place) hasnt been announced yet....
  8. I cant find the link to download all the songs of ATAP on my Account Info....why?! :(

  9. I cant find the links to download the songs inside my "Account Info" ...why? can anybody help me? ah, and I havent got my vinyl yet.....
  10. still no e-mail for me.... and I heard about many people here in Italy who already got the vinyl
  11. hi! same for me: I renewed november 15th and sent u2com an email asking for the new gift. This is their reply: Unfortunately, the membership bonuses are still in the 2014 phase, meaning any memberships renewed will still receive the same subscription package. However, I have received word that members who renew within this time span will also receive the new 2015 gift when it is announced, as well as the 2014 gift again. To ensure you get the 2015 gift when it is announced, go ahead and renew your membership at some point before it expires, then send me your order number. I will go through when the 2015 gift is announced and ensure you receive the new gift as well once you provide me with the order number. I look forward to receiving your order number. Sincerely, I've just sent them my order number, now...I'm waiting. I dont know about the presale code...hope I'll get it!
  12. a reply??!!!?!? welcome to the dream-world!!! lol
  13. I'm so tired about.....everything!! Dear U2,if you dont want to make music anymore, please tell us!
  14. Right there it's where i saw 2 men holding pics. Passing by I couldn't understand why 2 people were waiting in the cold with 2 pics in theor hands then i thought:hey, wait a minute... And as i lifted my eyes i saw bono and Guggi and other people coming out from the place and followed him till grafton st...i was totally speechless...couldn't believe... you were there?!?!? lucky!
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