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  1. There are Red Zone tickets for Vancouver floating about on TM. I have one in my bucket, but will not get it as I have a GA.
  2. Well it's moot now anyways because most of the presales are almost over.
  3. Some redzone sales did not requires a password, so therefore did not count.
  4. If you paid 78 pounds. you didn't get red zone... No I paid £275 per ticket .... Then congrats!
  5. Oh thanks for "answering"... That's settles it.
  6. It says "Standing Ticket & Red Zone" because that was the title of the link. RZ tickets for London were L265 not L70. So you have regular GA
  7. This was also noted in Europe. (Along with not having the option on most links for Twickenham).
  8. Main problem was: 1. If you didn't click on the special link from U2.com OR you were on Mobile, Red Zone NEVER POPPED UP. Simply going to ticketmaster.com and clicking on their link (which should be entirely VALID, because it says it should) DID NOT WORK. 2. RedZone DID NOT REQUIRE A PRESALE PASSWORD That is what people are upset about. If you managed to get a RZ at London good for you. You lucked out, don't tell us however not to be a tad miffed.
  9. If you paid 78 pounds. you didn't get red zone...
  10. It's local to venue time so it would have been 2am MST for Dublin tickets. You missed by 7 hours for the onsale.
  11. Apparently everyone in London/Europe was able to buy them today!
  12. Can you make sure they password protect any redzone in Europe for tomorrow. At least for the remaining fans?
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