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  1. Montreal uses Evenko, a Ticketbastard partner and is all very organized. Checkin, enter ticket selection and pre load payment details and then wait for 10 in the virtual waiting. Magic
  2. Sorry for that. Just wanted to say it has worked well in my case and I hope all will be successful. Extra dates will come up.
  3. Locked in for 2 GA! Once again a very smooth and stress free transaction.
  4. I received a text message this morning. I'm ready
  5. Well you did get JT 2017. We here in Montreal missed out.
  6. Looks like “in the round” this time. It usually takes awhile before all venues start showing the same set up.
  7. Nobody knows for sure. But these stadiums are big, so there's lots of GA--so yes, most likely they will be available Thurs., I'd say--like Max just said. If it was an arena, maybe not.Thanks! that puts my mind at ease a bit. This will be my first stadium tour. Do you have any advice for getting closer to the stage? I got lucky for I + E. Like is there a line and how early should I be there? Any advice would be appreciated. For stadium shows, being there when the gates open is all you need to be in a decent spot. Lining up early gets you "on the rail" as we say but standing 3 rows deep is ju
  8. Stubhub often sells tickets on speculation which means they don't actually have tickets yet. Common practice
  9. I call it a clever marketing move by the band to boost ticket sales, just like the supposed broken back Bono suffered when the 360 tour 2nd North American leg had slow ticket sales. Anything to maximize profits before they become irrelevant.
  10. I like the french page, it scares off outsiders and keeps inventory available for us.
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