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  1. Where exactly do you stay in Brussels? As far as I know there is no direct line from Brussel Central to KB-stadium, but there is a direct metro (underground) to the stadium from Brussels South (Brussel Midi). To get from Brussel Grand Place to Brussel Midi/South you can walk (1,5-2km), or you can take the metro from "Beurs/Bourse" to Brussel Midi: https://www.google.be/maps/dir/Grote+Markt,+Brussel/Brussel-Zuid,+Avenue+Fonsny+47B,+1060+Brussel/@50.8418584,4.3369032,2703m/am=t/data=!3m2!1e3!4b1!4m15!4m14!1m5!1m1!1s0x47c3c47f4614f1f1:0xb03c355d8fe2cfb6!2m2!1d4.3524138!2d50.8467316!1m5!1m1!1s0x
  2. You're welcome!! It would be a pity if only dutch speaking people could read this nice interview, so I did it with a great deal of pleasure!
  3. a teaser... can't get google translate to work on that, anyone fancy doing a translate? As promised, I've made a translate of the interview. My english isn't that good, so don't mind the faults! ;-) Here you are! You’ve heard it already: The Irish rock band U2 is celebrating the 30Th anniversary of it’s iconib album “The Joshua Tree”. Bono & co wil play the full album live during a stadium tour and they will play their final concert on 1st August in our own “King Baudoin” Stadium. Party! How that party will look like, is for a significant part determined by the belgian Ste
  4. a teaser... can't get google translate to work on that, anyone fancy doing a translate? Only part about the next tour is the info I already mentioned in my post, the rest of the interview is about previous tours. But I will try to doing a translate when I'm home this evening!
  5. On a Belgian website, there is an interview (in dutch) with "Smahser", the guy that is responsible for the visuals during U2-gigs since ZOOTV: http://www.cultureclubmagazine.be/editie/16/verhaal/5/een-belg-bij-u2 Most part of the article is about the past, but in the first part he says that he is in LA for the moment where he and the band are preparing the tour. Within two weeks he will have a meeting with the band where he will reveal his plans to the band about the video designs for the tour. He can't say much about it, but it will be much more basic and "rawer" as during previous tours. S
  6. Amsterdam "ArenA" is actually a stadium. Not sure why they decided to name it an arena which most associate as an indoor venue, even though the stadium has a retractable roof. In Europe, a lot of stadiums has "arena" in their name, so "arena" is used both for indoor venues and big stadiums.
  7. Lobmans


    What's the point of having a discount coupon, if you have to pay more then 20 euro's for shipment to Europe...
  8. The B-stage looks very big on most venue maps, bigger as B-stages on other concerts. On the maps it looks like one black shape, but I think/hope it won't be a solid, round stage. I think it will be multiple parts that forms together a "tree", and fans can stand between the "branches" of this tree.
  9. That part will be used for the "PA" (where they control lights and sounds). Normally it's situated on the field, but with this layout it would be to close to the stage, so that's why it will be on the stands.
  10. Do you have any sources or confirmation about that?! The only floormap where you can see a barrier on the pitch, is the map of Croke Park Dublin. All other maps only seems to have 1 big GA-area (+ Red Zone). Although it makes sense for me if the GA-floor in ALL STADIUMS will be seperated into two parts by a barrier, just for safety reasons. That would be an extra advantage for fans who are queuing early because with a barrier (and wristle bands to enter this area) it will be easier to leave your place to get some drinks or going to the toilets. If there is only one big area on the floor,
  11. Ah, ok, this one only indicated the blocs of seats, not the different price categories ... Here's the official map with different price categories:
  12. I like the gift, we're moving from a apartment to our own house next month so U2-stuff is welcome to decorate my walls. Big question will be: when will we have the new gift? April? August? December?
  13. Wow that's good news, thumbs up for the team! Hopefully they learned their lessons from this for the future so they will do the renewal announcement every year on the same date! (January) It would be much easier for all of us if we new in advance when the new subscription gift will be announced, so when they do it on the same date every year, they avoid a lot of problems and confusing with fans who don't know if they should wait or should renew.
  14. When I contacted customer service about it, they didn't do it that way. (I've sent you already earlier a pm with the conversation with CS)So because of their advice, I have let my account expire last month...
  15. They do show Guinness in their drinks menu? http://www.thechurch.ie/main-bar/drinks/
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