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  1. Apparently the lads only want the positive reviews for their shows.  Wrote an honest review, not posted and can't find out why not posted.  Find it hard to believe that no one else might have similar thoughts....

  2. The new video for get out of your own way is disgusting. My overpriced tickets will go unused on the upcoming tour.  Goodbye U2.   All good things must come to an end.

    1. BigBunny


      I haven't watched the video but the song itself sucks. I've been saying it's Beautiful Day Vol. 2.

      I can't believe I'm saying this but it makes Beautiful Day sound like a great song, never thought that was remotely possible :blink:

    2. colelandry


      i don't think it's that bad, i actually kinda like it, gotta listen to whole album with u2, always a story there, and it's part of it, not sure why you'd pay for subscription, even to just try to get good tickets, if you're not a big fan of theirs. i can see why you're upset at some other things that you've mentioned, downloads, pre sale, and for me, not even coming to a big market, toronto, but to say goodbye to a band b/c you don't like one song?? to me doesn't add up, when you mentioned the disgusting video, i thought you were talking about the version of ...love is bigger... where they let that guy from vogue make it - it said it was about 'different irish youth cultures', when it was just about the lgbt culture.  that said, this is what bugs me about u2 now more than ever before - they talk about trump using holy scriptures to separate refugee parents & their kids - i agree that is wrong, even tho' he is just keeping secure borders, something the previous gov't didn't do anything about, but then they go and hug the lgbt flag, and vote for abortion, two choices in life scripture clearly does not support, (scripture says to love the person, but you don't have to love or believe their choices)


  3. Is the Ticketmaster download of SOE working for anyone???  I got notice it's available and then follow the link to be told it's not available.

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    2. Wysoon


      Just got 3 more emails with redeem link LOL...

    3. venacom


      Don't feel bad -- I haven't received mine at all!


    4. kpme
  4. So called pre-sale incredibly disappointing.  Could only see VIP packages for 1st hour.  Had I known, I would not have renewed my subscription to participate.  Pricing outrageous and availability of a decent seat non-existent by the time I could see something other than VIP packages.  I'm disgusted.

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