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  1. bestia wrote: Well my 2 yr old daughter has given the song her stamp of approval....bops to it and sings "oh oh oh" everytime i play it in the car...never seen her do that before..love it!!! Yep... there's a reason for that. She has superb taste - congrats!
  2. Impossible task. Like choosing favorite children...
  3. They have to!!! Although, gotta say - I saw the Boyz in Miami for the 2nd leg of the HTDAAB Tour - and they didn't play Miracle Drug - my (then) favoriteU2 song!!! But I have faith UnknownC. will be a mandatory at every show...
  4. Once in a lifetime event!!! Congrats - how cool will that be to show your son or daughter years from now!!!
  5. Exactly. Just added a portion of the solo as my ringtone on my Google phone - can't stop digging it. May be my favorite Edge solo of all time.
  6. Can't get past this song... And when Edge performs his solo at the end - the song just keeps climbing. Brilliant. Instant classic.
  7. ONE01 wrote: nolineonthehorizon wrote: u2, 145 million records sold. next. Exactly mate, why does anyone care who many albums are sold? If U2 start chasing sales figures we'll end up with more Get On Your Boots and less White As Snow. That's not good, btw. well put, Mate.
  8. This hour it's unknown caller... the greater the recording - the more often your favorite changes as is the case w/ no line...
  9. Y'all not feelin this? Grabbed the basic stripped down $9.99 disc from Best Buy - and was money well spent. The lyrics have depth, are intelligent; themusic eclectic but at the same time grab and sink their claws in right away. Unknown Caller's my fave, at least for tonight. Bravo U2, and thanks for greatnew music.
  10. Completely diasgree w/ the thead starter... Are we listening to the same release??? Bono's voice sounds young again - I love Edge's old Explorer on 'Magnificent'... unknown caller is phenomenal, etc., etc. 'Boots' is a bit trendy - buy as much as I dug HTDAAB a-la Miracle Drug and Sometimes - No line grabbed me more right away. I'm 48 - and a U2 fan since a young 20-year-old via Boy in '80 - they just keep getting better w/ age.
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