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  1. Did anyone in the Red Hill or Wires groups get true Red Zone tickets for Dublin (for 315 Euro)? If so, did you do it through the special RZ link where you didn't have to enter your pre-sale code? and if so, is your pre-sale code good for another 4 tix? I'm curious whether that link was working at all or whether there was some other way to get the RZ tix. I tried at 9am Wed and Thurs with my Red Hill code (that I apparently didn't need!) but had no luck. I'm keeping my powder dry for the public sale or another date if they add one.
  2. GILLETTE IS THE WORST. 360 I DIDNT LEAVE THE PARING LOT FOR 2 HOURS!!! INSANE!!! I SWORE I WOUDL NEVER GO BACK. IM UPSET THAT THEY ARE DOING STADIUMS... THIS IS AN UGLY CASH GRABBIN TOUR. I agree Gillette is the worst. Better off parking 2 miles away in a private lot and walking to the stadium. Got to love the hotel price gouging - expected nothing less of them - hope its lucky money for them!!
  3. The Dublin RZ tickets were available WITHOUT a code - and of course were gone immediately!
  4. Thanks for the encouragement. I saw the message someone kindly posted about clearing cache / history and that worked like a charm! What a relief. I tried clearing cache in Chrome but didn't seem to work (for the horrible bot stuff)
  5. Red Zone was same price as GA?? $70? What venue? My presale is tomorrow so appreciate some details. Thanks Apparently showing RZ GA tix for the same price was ANOTHER Ticketmaster cock-up to confuse us even more - these are just GA tix - not RZ
  6. Yeah, that appears to be a Ticketmaster coding error. The $70 (in some cities) or $75 options for Red Zone tickets will only bring up regular GA. All of the Red Zone tickets are $350 (or something similar). Yeah - thanks - that's what I figured; a lot of TM cock-ups this morning including releasing full RZ tickets for Dublin without the need for any pre-sale code ; I spent most of my morning trying to navigate road signs, rivers, trees etc. - but I do have $75 GA tix for Boston so happy about that
  7. Anyone know the difference between "GA Floor Standing Room Only" and "Red Zone GA Standing Room Only"? - these were options for Boston - not sure if other cities had the same options; both options $75 - assume RZ in not actually in the RZ for that price - very confusing!
  8. Information from my Boston RZ tix for 7/15 ....seems like some wiggle room here? Thank you for purchasing a (RED) Zone ticket. Your souvenir ticket included in the package will be available for pickup at the venue the day of the show. All (RED) Zone tickets will be issued at the designated (RED) Zone check in location (or other designated location at the venue) prior to the show on the date of the event only. CHECK-IN LOCATION & TIME INFORMATION WILL BE EMAILED OUT 3-5 DAYS PRIOR TO THE DAY OF THE SHOW. If you have not received this 3 days before the show please contact Ticketmaster im
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