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  1. Kristaps wrote: R&H - only because it has WOWY and Streets : I totally agree with you.
  2. I listen to all types of music so this list will have different types of genre. I may have left a few out since I can't remember everyone I have seen. U2 (twice) Depeche Mode Duran Duran Erasure Echo & The Bunnymen Fall Out Boy (Many times) Matchbook Romance (many times) Lifehouse (twice) Hawthorne Heights (twice) Ryan Cabrera Good Charlotte (X3) Simple Plan (twice) Sarah McLachlan 30 Seconds to Mars (twice) My Chemical Romance (twice) Armor For Sleep Motion City Soundtrack Yellowcard Pink Hoobastank The Ataris Jordan Knight Mest Dashboard Confessional Panic at
  3. I will be getting their album when it comes out. And I will be seeing them on tour as well.
  4. INXS, followed by Depeche Mode, Erasure and Duran Duran.
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