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  1. Did anyone in the "waitlist" group get a Citi code later? The email said they'd send out codes to waitlist people if the presales didn't sell out. Well, they didn't sell out. There are still Citi tickets for most - all? - the shows. No code here - maybe they'll give the "original recipients" 24 hours, or maybe I'm just screwed again!
  2. It's ridiculous. Make me register for "verified fan" if you really think that'll weed out scalpers - it won't - but make me enter a frickin' LOTTERY just to have a CHANCE to buy tickets??? I kinda got that for Springsteen on Broadway because those shows were unusual, but for a standard arena tour? God knows how many people registered for the Citi presale but don't even have Citi cards - I'm guessing a lot...
  3. Oh, I will - I'm dumb but I'm not THAT dumb! But if it's clear GA ain't happening, Red Zone becomes more appealing. I'd probably exhaust options for decent, reasonably priced lowers first, though. Not a lot of lowers under $250, but I had those in 2015 for the shows where I didn't get GA and they were fine. My hierarchy: 1) GA 2) Non $200+ reserved 3) Red Zone
  4. The only reason I'm considering Red Zone for the arena shows is due to GA scarcity. GA for stadium shows? Easy to get. GA for arenas? Tougher - and since apparently we now only get 2 presale tickets FOR THE WHOLE TOUR, that makes GA even more of a chore. I may go Red Zone for some of the tighter shows - MSG, Boston - just to ensure I'm on the floor...
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