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    U2 Perth

    Here we go not long heading down to subiaco whooooooooo hope I get a great spot.
  2. north7

    U2 Perth

    Hi guys went back to doctors today he has put of my treatment until middle of Jan 2011 it still a wait and see game he said they dont want to do it to soon or to late just have to keep checking my blood so that some good news anyway. So bring on U2. Went pass the oval today cant wait they are the best band there songs are always in my head going to be a great weekend. Also if I see all very good but I will be there and thats fantastic. Glad they came to Perth
  3. north7

    U2 Perth

    Hi thanks everyone for your kind thoughts I will be okay for the show cant wait. Would love to catch up there a group of us and hopefully we will be in the right place at the right time.
  4. north7

    U2 Perth

    Not long now just wondering where all the fans are going to meet up after the show.
  5. I know some people that work at the airport im trying to get info.
  6. Just wondering when U2 will fly into Perth they will be flying from Sydney I think and where do you think they will stay. Maybe not the Burswood they werent happy with them last time here. Really want to try and catch up with them as I am starting Chemo in the new year and this would be a dream come true.
  7. north7

    U2 Perth

    Thanks I got my tickets for RZ perth second concert so going with hubby. Cant wait. For the 1st show im going get my friends to run and get a great spot and keep a place for me.
  8. Timing is always the same its summer time and normally you have a run a bands coming over. Last time U2 was here robbie williams and pearl jam were here also alot of Perth people went to the Sydney, Melbourne shows this time they didnt need to
  9. Going to metallica now there ticket prices were crazy 160 for oval. The organizers have alot to answer. 12 years ago when u2 played perth they up prices and Bono wasnt happy all these people that sat in seats at the front just sat there he was disappointed that the real fans couldnt get tickets.
  10. They will have 2nd show in the other cities and doesnt matter if during the week. Perth often have shows during the week who cares if you love them go.
  11. alot of people wouldnt be aware of second show in perth and maybe thats why its slow. Also i think melbourne will get a second show.
  12. What would be good now if we know where they are going to be staying so we could meet them
  13. only got 2 cant believe they went on sale I was going to walk away cause Melbourne show had been on sale and no second show so I thought maybe they would release a different day but then bang they put up second show lucky I was watching
  14. My only concern is my doctor told me wednesday that I would probably start my chemo. I told him im going to U2 so just hope ill feel okay but no matter what i be there.
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