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  1. Hi, Hope the following helps: The reason that the CD's are being returned from Ireland to the U.S. is that an electronic customs declaration is either not completed correctly, or is not available. I explained the situation in a communication to the U2.com help-desk (after my CD's were returned to sender). The CD's were re-shipped to me, but the same thing has happened again. The CD's are now on the way back to the US, just like the originals were. The same thing has also happened to a friend of mine in Dublin. Information sourced from An Post website: If your item has been returned to sender or you are awaiting an update on your item, it is likely that the electronic customs declaration made by the retailer/sender for your item may have been insufficient or invalid according to Customs regulations. An Post cannot amend customs declaration so items with incomplete data must be returned. (Ref: https://www.anpost.com/customs-information)
  2. I am also in Ireland, with mine showing the same tracking message, so i tried the following: UPS tracking number is given a new tracking number by USPS, before shipping to international destinations. UPS provides the new USPS tracking number on the UPS tracking page. Underneath the "Shipment Progress" box that displays your package's journey, there's an "Additional Information" box that displays new information including the USPS tracking number. You can use this tracking number with USPS. You could also use an alternative tracking service ( I used https://parcelsapp.com/en/tracking), which gives much more detailed information. This tracking shows that my item departed Dublin the very next day after it left the USA. It is now showing as being delivered to: "Front Desk/Reception/Mail Room, CROZET, VA". According to the tracking service, this is the address from where the item was originally dispatched. Bearing in mind that the tracking number may not be reliable once it leaves USA, I asked a friend to check the tracking number for his gift (which he also has not received). He had the same result. I hope that I am wrong with my assumption, but It would seem that the package was rejected by Irish customs and returned back to the sender.
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