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  1. Good old Capcave days, Spinners Zoobar, singles, and any thing else you could think of, and a Chat Room, heaven forbid with Sysop overseeing nothing horrendous went on ......... who needed the moderating that we get now, pretty much self moderating .......... That was the BEST ZOO!!!!!!! We were ZLUTS then - Zoo Ladies Under Tremendous Stress Anyone know what happened to Sysop???????
  2. I re-subscribed lol
  3. OMG Basher is my life ....... I just don't what I would do if he stopped posting messages ....... my laughter would come to an end I I won't be able to live anymore .......
  4. Congrats Spicy and good luck xx
  5. Dustbin


    [quote name='Zhivvy wrote: PattiU2']Oh be quiet you two, lol. Its fun to whine!!!!!! Oh I'll be whining in the morning - along the lines of........ oh my head hurts, why do I do it? please make the pain go away etc... You forgot the "I'm not drinking anymore"
  6. Dustbin


    Wine not Whine ........ I have run out would anyone care to nip to my fridge and pour me another!!!!!
  7. I knew he had a show ....... but never managed to find it at all on the internet .......
  8. Hi Adamseyes and Grokinfrock ........ Adamseyes ..... may call you eyes here some peoples names get so long to type, there used to be one person way back in 2002 time called Bonoifyouareonlinetalktomenowplease (shortened to Begger). Good to see ya here ....... have a good look round and we are a friendly bunch Bashy you need to change your signature now!!!!
  9. Yes I read about the Humpday on FB at work got me worried that I should have been doing something that isn't allowed at my age!!!!!!!
  10. glad I am not the only one not able to get into webmail!!!!!
  11. 14th May is a Saturday
  12. Hi Bash sweetie pie ..... yes I am creeping Did you get any of the videos up on youtube that you took the other night, I still have to upload the pics from last weekend, been really busy with work. Hope you and the family are doing OK send on my best xx
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