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  1. Is it possible to get into GA WITHOUT a wristband? I would be interested in finding this out. I have a 2 year old I'd rather not drag out to wait in line at 8am if I don't have to! I understand this limits my access to the best places though...
  2. I just called the garden and was told they will be giving out wristbands. No mention as to whether this was a "fan run" thing...sounded pretty officially planned to me.. I have 2 little kids I'll be dragging in with me early to pick up the wristbands, so I hope I get the right info! Family adventure
  3. 1 hr and 45 minutes of total hell with ticketmaster. I had access to Redzone, then GA (x 6 times) and lost all of those tickets because ticket masters site AND app would crash/error, etc. Finally got the app not to crash, and GA boston is sold out. I'm happy that I have tickets at all, but this longtime fan is very disappointed. Isn't there any way they can not use TM in the future? The pain of seeing that "transaction fee" after this fiasco today...
  4. And now my code won't work. So disappointed. What a disgrace
  5. HORRENDOUS issues with TM. Went online for Boston 7/10 right at 10am. Selected 2 redzone seats. Selected "buy now". had to enter a security code and was informed to not leave page/refresh page. Page went dark. Nothing happened for over an hour. Nothing went thru. It all crashed. Successive attempts to rebuy any other tickets have not worked as the TM site will not take my access code. I tried the app. Was able to select tickets. When I go to buy the tickets, the app site will not allow me to use any of my stored credit cards, or save any new cc information so that I can pay for the ti
  6. 7/'10 boston. Dying. I have permission to charge my card, entered code ,was told not to refresh and nothing has happened for half hour. Did the site crash?
  7. Agh! Went to buy tix, entered security code and was told not to refresh page, but now everything had been frozen for 5 mins!!! Afraid to refresh. Anyone have this happening?
  8. Anxiously awaiting 10am. Wasn't able to do red zone last tour. How does the auction process work with presale? Afraid if I try that and don't get tickets there won't be anything else. Tx!
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