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  1. Same here... I've seen every tour since ZOO Tv from the floor (GA) Guess I've reached my quota on how many times U2 wants my wife and I to see them.
  2. This enormous stream of PISS flowing down on our heads is quickly extinguishing the fire of my fandom.
  3. Same thing here... Propaganda member for over 25 years, have seen every tour since ZooTV, Was just shafted out of attending the St Louis show due to riots, and now U2 leaves us out in the cold in the name of hitting the scalpers where it hurts. Really guys? Already had to have credit card verified swipe to get in JT... how much more "secure" do these shows have to be? Looks like U2 is erring on the side of blocking their longest and most loyal fans -- BUT NOT BEFORE THEY HIT ME UP FOR A SUBSCRIPTION RENEWAL THAT HADN'T EXPIRED!! :-(
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