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  1. Interesting to see a crowd fully immersed in the show through their own eyes and ears and not trying to watch beyond a sea of mobile phones. I want to go back to the old days.!

  2. What a night...wow, just wow...haven't seen this in ages..Brilliant..!!

  3. Did anyone else go to The Longest Day gig at Milton Keynes Bowl in 1985? no record of it on here as far as i can see!

    1. Colin123


      I was there, here is a photo I took.


    2. dendo


      That's brilliant Colin, thank you for sharing. It was my first U2 gig and i remember the weather was terrible as it rained most of the day.I met a girl there too who lived in Milton Keynes and i traveled back to see her on the day of Live Aid. Great memories!

    3. dendo
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