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    Actung Baby
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    Staring at the sun(Live from Rotterdam)
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    Last one, too hard to pick just one
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    AC/DC, Beastie Boys, Beck, Spearhead, Stevie Wonder... Could go on & on lol...
  1. I would of bought it, but thank you, Cheers
  2. The Beatles were the 1st big band of the world. U2 is bigger then the Beatles ever were not because they are better. Mainly because of the times we live in andthats just my opinion. Peace.....
  3. Thanks Dude & nice photos. Peace.....
  4. Nat Sherman MCD The one and only cigarette I smoke. Peace......
  5. Magnificent Breathe Cedars of Lebanon -Just sound like my life. Deadlines, Deadlines I've got one to many DEADLINES.... HA HA but don't we all....
  6. Crazy, Crazy Crazy..... But If I met you and saw your arm. I would think how cool and I need to get to know this person better. Peace....
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