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  1. I saw them in 2005 and it was an amazing experience. I met people from all over the world and the vibe was amazing. We did a U2 walking tour the next day, where two locals took us to the pubs they first played at, Windmill Lane studios and played U2 songs along the way. Every pub was blasting U2 music. My friend and I did GA. We got there around noon but got pushed and shoved so many times so we ended far from our original spot. People who showed up at 6pm were closer to the stage than we were. So, if you’re doing GA, don’t stress too much about getting there early.
  2. I have done GA tickets a few times. It's an amazing experience. You will discover Facebook groups and Twitter feeds about "the list." I have never used that process, I've just shown up at the shows. I walked into MetLife Stadium around 5:30pm and was one person from the rail. I spent most of the day in Dublin waiting near the stage and by 4pm, was somehow moved further away. No matter where you are - at the rail, near the soundboards, or somewhere in between - it's an amazing experience. Don't stress it, just enjoy.
  3. My friend who is not a U2.com member was able to get 4 GA tickets via the Citi presale. I tried twice with the Citi codes, had 4 GAs in my cart, and the page either froze or told me I had exceeded the max amount of tickets to purchase. I'm still unclear as to whether this was a technical glitch or if U2.com members are limited to buying only 2 GAs with the Citi presale. (When I went back to try and buy 2 GAs, the site said there were none available.)
  4. I was behind the stage at MSG in 2015, up in the nosebleeds. The music was great, of course, but we did miss out on most of what was shown on the long screens. I had different seats the night before so I had seen most of what was on the screen, and could focus on the music. It's definitely nowhere near the experience that GA provides but the guys move around and play to the whole crowd. And you'll be able to sit if you choose to. Oh, and the Red Sox suck.
  5. Yup. My neighbors probably think I'm nuts the way I was yelling. :-) I lucked out in that I had no problems with the Innocence presale but am pissed that we were limited to 2 tickets, yet everyone else can buy 4. I had problems with the Citi presale - I had tickets in my cart and then the site just crashed - and today was another issue. And now I'm wondering if fan club members can only buy 2 more tickets after buying tickets in the presale.
  6. I tried that after calling the ticket number, but I kept saying, and then yelling, prompts into the phone ("Presale! Representative!") and it kept saying it couldn't understand me. At this point, I'll just have to be happy with my 2 GAs and will have to make a Sophie's Choice-like decision of which friend to take. :-)
  7. I had 4 GA tickets for Nassau Coliseum but when I went to check out, TicketBastard told me I exceeded the maximum amount of tickets. Tried again for 2 but of course there was nothing left. My code for MSG didn't even work. I tried calling them and the automated system hung up on me, due to high call volume.
  8. I had 4 GA tix in my cart for Nassau Coliseum, and when I got to checkout, they told me I was over the maximum amount of tickets I could buy. My code for MSG didn't work. I'm not paying the crazy amount they're charging for lousy seats and can't afford the crazy amount they're charging for good seats.
  9. I think the prices are insane for this tour. I'm hoping to get GA but if I don't, I'm not going.
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