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  1. Many thanks Max; got there earlier & all sorted; looking forward to my first Belfast gig!
  2. Hi guys; any news on a GA numbering system? Thanks, Dave
  3. Hola! Alguien ha logrado comprar hoy para MAdrid. Algun tip que pueda servirme. Estoy muy nerviosa. No logro comprar. :(

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    2. mminum


      MAX yo he usado un navegador distinto y nada; ni con codigo ni con nada, hoy no me han dejado hacer nada de nada; ni siquiera habia cola virtual y segun te conectabas te decia que no habie entradas, ni a 84 € ni a 39 € ni a 250....esto es un tongo 


    3. RubenN


      Espero que lo hayas conseguido... yo no lo conseguia como tu y ya me di cuenta que tenía que elegir innocence tour. Lo conseguí al final. Ya tengo mis dos entrada para el día 21 en pista:D

    4. dianarm


      He conseguido para Lisboa! Para Madrid imposible estaban a 230. Y no podía pagar tanto, somos 2. Ya estoy nerviosa quiero que lleguen las entradas jijiji. 

  4. Lightning response Max; thank you The retailer was u2.com; should I be contacting them?
  5. Good morning I pre-ordered the album on U2.COM, but have not received my code as yet. Long time Experience Member; I live in the UK, but used my codes for 2 tickets in Nashville. I want to see the band in Europe also and hope to get tickets when the album pre-sale starts on 22nd. Any idea who I can contact to see where my code is? Many thanks, David.
  6. Hi Quick question & apologies if this has already been answered elsewhere. I live in Europe & want to attend shows in both the US & Europe. I have done all the necessary for Verified Fan in the US and will look to buy 2 tickets this afternoon. If I do this however, will this mean that I will not be able to purchase 2 tickets (presuming that's the allocation), for Europe? Many thanks in advance for your time & effort in answering. David.
  7. If anyone has a spare ticket and hasn't already been nice enough to offer it to another one of the lovely U2 family; I will happily meet, entertain, warmly encourage & generally throw our love out into the Universe together PM me if you would like to or alternatively; have a lovely day people; you deserve it
  8. Just to echo this; tickets still available from Ticketmaster France; just got a General Admission for Monday Good luck!
  9. And if the darkness is to keep us apart, And if the daylight feels like it's a long way off, And if your glass heart should crack, And for a second you turn back, Oh no, be strong.... Walk on, Walk on R.I.P. to all those you souls....sing & pray for peace.
  10. If anyone has a couple of spare tickets, I will happily buy them. Thank you in advance
  11. Just thought I'd let you know; tried O2/AXS on the of-chance a moment ago and managed to get a GA for 3rd Nov Not sure how many there are, so be quick. Good luck everyone.
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