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  1. sorry I ment with stay not with dirty day

    1. Tinja


      If you watch the music video for Stay you'll understand. The song is about kind of looking in from the outside. I though the initimacy of the rehearsal and then the transition to the concert was brilliant! 

  2. Im i the only one who is wondering why dirty day suddenly is black and white in a empty hall? I also got the idea that the sound on bonos voice was very distorted at this song. For the rest i loved it

  3. Correct. I saw the strarting times later on and came to the same conclusions. And the Simple Minds is not a bad idea
  4. just got this in my email: Brace yourselves! Legendary Irish rock band Hothouse Flowers are playing three shows at Brooklyn Bowl London on 24, 25 and 26 October. The band's three shows will coincide with the six-night U2 residency at The O2. Be sure to take advantage of this rare London appearance by Hothouse Flowers as they perform a headline show on Saturday as well as U2 pre-show sets on Sunday and Monday.
  5. I realy, realy ,realt want to go to the koln concerts. Unfortiunatly i did not get any ticket. looking for GA tickets any koln date
  6. Still waiting in Holland. No u222 arrived in my country yet! Cant wait either
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