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  1. I agree with a small 10 to 15 % mark up, after all, you missed out on pre sales and normal sale…. Some English Soccer Clubs have a secure method in which to exchange tickets, all it costs is the yearly membership to the club (which usually includes a fan pack of some sort with "stuff"), no mark up on the tickets, at least I don't think there is, perhaps some one in England can confirm that. If Ticketmaster truly cared about giving a secure platform to exchange tickets, they should look at their model…..Arsenal rocks BTW …yea yea I know, no need to say any more….
  2. There is something major amiss with this reselling issue. I don't get how it can be OK. They have all these rules attempting to block scalpers and bad ticketing purchasing practices, yet here they are promoting escalated ticket prices on their own website ??? Literally 15 minutes after the own sale date ?? If this is not conflict of interest, I don't know what is. I know in America you guys/gals got those very specific anti-trust laws, not sure if they would apply here, but, seems like this issue is in the ballpark of those laws are they not ?
  3. I just posted on another forum, wrt above, I don't get it, how is Ticketmaster allowed to scalp ? Something is just not right.
  4. Whats up with these ridiculous prices on this re sell thing on Ticketmaster ? Do people really think they can get that much or do people really pay that ? I have a hard time understanding how a legit ticket agency can actually do that legally on their website (regardless of who sets the price). I know its likely related to "if i can beat em, might as well join them"…scalpers that is. But still….seriously ?
  5. well, if you have been given no instructions and they fall outside of U2.com pre sale, I would assume then (since there are often VIP pre sales on their own outside of fan clubs, venue pre sales, etc. for events) that if you did what Fever did above, buy 2 for one night from .com pre sale using your code and 2 VIPs today for the other night (where your not required to use a code), you would be fine….thanks big Wave for you work by the way…your patience with some folks if very admirable….
  6. I think you can buy VIP outside of the fan club pre sales currently at some venues, such as Boston started offering them today, no mention of U2.com membership when you try and buy them. They don't ask for code.
  7. oh yea, plenty of time, i am just a creature of curiosity , have not really noticed anyone else mention it….
  8. yea, what I don't understand is the ticket request/info page for the show said "reserved locations are electronic ticket entry for the event", but like I said, it gave me the mailing option, which I choose of course…confusing as usually
  9. Whats this credit card entry tickets all about, on my ticketmaster purchase I was able to choose mail tickets home option ??? Anyone ?
  10. AS per above, I was having all kinds of problems getting the boot and then opened account on tickmastr phone app, got tickets no problem with it ? weird ? SO GET PHONE APP if your still having problems (and have a phone I guess)
  11. I got emails first few months of my membership 5 or so years ago, and maybe 1 or 2 after that…I know the second leg in 2010 or 2011 I didn't get an email with the code, had to obtain it off the account page, which is fine
  12. wrt to show format, perhaps they do first part of show acoustic and last part electric each night? One night older stuff , one night newer stuff…..we'll just have wait and see as they release more info , either way, at least they are trying to plan something fresh….as opposed to two nights with very similar set lists.
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