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  1. Hi...How much for the red zone tickets?  Thanks.


    1. MichelleVanderloo


      Hello! Where are you located? I would need to find a way to overnight the tickets as I am in VA. 

    2. moonshine


      I am in Buffalo.  You could transfer via Ticketmaster.

    3. Lexie


      I would try it but I thought the RZ tickets are not eligible for transfer via ticketmaster.  I have hard tickets.  If you want them I would be willing to sell them for $150/each. I can ask TM if you want them!  Thanks!

  2. I have two Red Zone hard tickets that I cannot use tomorrow due to a scheduling conflict that came up at the last minute. I am very disappointed and we typically scope the show for fans. I hate for the tickets to go to waste. If you are interested in going please Let me know asap.
  3. Same here..no luck at all..still spinning on wait time of 15 minutes or more for MSG 7/23.
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