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  1. Well, does any of know about being able to leave the U.S. line and get back in line yet?
  2. Anybody know yet what the procedure's going to be with the GA line up? When we get our numbers and maybe wristbands, are we going to be allowed to leave the line, then come back to our numbered place? Or are we going to have to stand there all day long.......?
  3. I did get 3 shirts when we were in LA and they are very nice! I'm just sad it didn't have the city on it is all.... Nice to look back and remember. (Of course, I don't really need a shirt to remember the great time we had) :0
  4. This may sound like I'm whining (well, maybe a little!), but will there be any more T shirts printed from the earlier shows with that particular city on them? I see they are doing that now and would love to have the city and date from the 2 shows we went to in LA! I know it's a Live Nation thing, but dog gonnit, I want one (or 3 or 4)!! Anybody know??
  5. Well, we just did LA 3 and 4 and it was absolutely amazing! This was our 16th and 17th show so far! I also knew about the possibility of 2 different shows, got both tickets and am still thrilled with both shows, even with only a few changes from one night to the next. I didn't care, just want to see them when ever we can! Can wait for the next leg of tour! I'll be there even if it's the same! They put on the best shows every time!
  6. My advise is-go early to get ur writsband and #, then leave and come back later, by 4. Band usually comes around 3 or so by where the tractor trailers are parked. About the opposite side of Forum of GA line. So if u want to get autographs, be there by then. We went at 11 this am, got our wristbands and #'s (274, 275) and are now sitting in our hotel room! Going back at 2.
  7. So, you didn't have any issues getting a wristband arriving that late? I'd love to not have to stand in line all day, but I certainly have done it before! It looks like the way the stage(s) are set-up, everyone can have a great view!
  8. I walked in at just after 8 last night. Went right to the outer corner of the South side red zone barrier. From there I could easily see the whole show. Plus an easy view of the big screen and all of catwalk action. When they moved to the second stage it was easy to walk over and enjoy that from just a few feet away. Then when they were done an easy walk back to my original spot near the red zone. NO reason to go in any earlier and definitely NO reason to wait in line for hours.
  9. You might try getting your tickets using your phone. I tried with the computer for 1/2 hour and it was a nightmare- lost tickets, ran out of time, then didn't accept my code! So I used my phone hoping that it would work better and it went thru with no problem!
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