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  1. If people can be “complete rude jerks” in every country, why is it necessary to call this person out as American? Perhaps a reminder to all people that are in GA line, to be polite would suffice.
  2. These are the two pics I have. The group shot and then the one I took of my wife and Bono. When I get the ones from the photographer I will post if I’m allowed to. This was so awesome...can’t stop smiling!
  3. They had a private area set up backstage with a couple of “putting greens” and food and drinks. It was great. We played both holes. Bono made sure we played both and was making sure of everyone’s score. It was pretty funny. Techincally, Edge won!
  4. i will say that it was a blur. The guys were so friendly and genuine. All four came in. Larry didn’t stick around for mini golf but he was really cordial. Bono ,Edge and Adam all seemed so happy to do this! They were really into the mini golf too! We were with them for about 20 minutes or so right before the show started. All the things we thought we wanted to ask sort of went out the window when they walked in. We were overwhelmed but they are so easy to talk with. It was like hanging out at a party and talking. At one point my wife was talking with Adam to one side and I was telling a story to Bono and Edge and it hit me who I was talking to! I’m not even sure what I was saying at that point but they appeared interested! It was an amazing night. We were treated like gold by people from Omaze, RED, the U2 Crew we met and especially the band. And what a great show! I only took two pics w my phone as I didn’t want to spend the whole night doing that instead of trying to enjoy the moment. U2 had a photographer and video guy there and I will get those pics at some point. My wife got her long dreamed of photo with Bono though! I will post pics soon.
  5. This is happening this Saturday in Nashville! We definitely are playing mini golf before the show. I’ll post a rundown and any pics as soon as I’m able. We can’t wait!
  6. Yes I am on here! Ive been a fan since around 1983, thanks to my brother. My wife and I are still in shock...never in a million years expected to be selected. This is most definitely a bucket list item to remember forever. We still haven’t gotten all the details of when this will happen. Hopefully, we will be able to hold it together and have a normal conversation without seeming too starstruck. Thanks for the well wishes! Paul
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