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  1. I let my paid membership expire...If I order it...is it just good until the end of 2017 or is it good for one year from purchase?
  2. Could it be True? http://buffalonews.com/2017/06/05/rumor-mill-surrounding-possible-u2-buffalo-date/ If so I hope they announce this before I drop 500 bucks on tix in Cleveland
  3. It's more important to me now than it was back then. Now it's like the songs take on new meaning. They are very outspoken about it. More importantly, you can see it in their acts. Their huminaitarian efforts really is where their faith shows. They talk the talk and walk the walk.
  4. Thanks for the responses....so you can get in the pit just by standing in the GA line? I was under the impression people were hand selected to be in the pit...This is great news...Meicha thanks for the info....I didn't know what else to call my "spot" other than a seat. I cant wait for this show now
  5. Got GA seats for Pitt...What can I expect from the crowd? Mob Scene or respectful people? Wondering if anyone knows when they generally let people in...how do people get in the pit? How early should we show up for decent seats/view? I'm not gonna be disappointed if my seats arent the greatest...my seats have always been horrible for u2, but they have always been fabulous shows... Thanks inAdvance
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