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  1. I stand corrected. I did receive a second dvd. I just checked my U2 shelf (we all have them, right? Maybe a few shelves). And there it was an unopened envelope next to the opened copy. I totally forgot it. I am assuming my extending the subscription just went in like a new Berlin dvd order but somehow extended the expiration date. So to answer my own question from earlier, if I bought 10 years worth of memberships, I’d get 10 current gifts and nothing for the next 9 years. Thanks again for your assistance. I know now not to buy multiple years at a time. I’ll probably wait and do the ‘Resubscribe a get the new 2022 gift plus last years 2021 gift for a fee’ rather than resubcribe now as I’d drive myself crazy trying to keep up with the extended again expiration date. And I’d have to do this every year to get the new gift while continually extending the expiration date.
  2. I did not receive a second Berlin dvd. I just paid an additional $50 and it added a year to my subscription. I just assumed I was covered for an additional year with the same benefits as if I had renewed in one year increments. The not being able to download the Apollo tracks was the first sign something was amiss.
  3. So do I need to talk with customer service about the Apollo gift or will I not receive it since I didn’t renew in one year increments? I guess I’m still confused. If I won’t get it, what else do I not get? Would I still get a presale code? Thanks for assisting with this. I’m just a little confused thinking I was set for two years but now it’s sounding like I’ve wasted the money for the additional year and should have only renewed in one year increments. is there a phone number for customer service?
  4. That’s what I though would happen but it sounds like it’s not the case? My thinking was it would be exactly the same as renewing in one year increments, just one less thing to have to remember to do in a year lol. If it doesn’t work that way, I wish they had made it more clear or not let you renew more than a year at a time.
  5. I just renewed like normal last year, had extra money at the time and it let me add another year. I guess I’m confused as to why I wouldn’t get the same benefits regardless as to when I pay for the membership. If I paid for 10 years today at $500, I’d only get the gift for one if the years? I’m in other fan clubs and have always been able to renew for multiple years and still get the gifts I.e. Pearl Jam. I mainly like to do it so I won’t forget and let it lapse lol.
  6. I renewed last year for two years. I’ve tried multiple browsers including my pc and phone.
  7. So I get the email about the three song download. I login, go to my account info, no download. I contact customer service. They tell me ‘U2 Live At The Apollo is now in production and if you've resubscribed for 2021, you can now download three tracks.(Find them on your account info page when you log-in as a subscriber, it will be mid page down)’. I log back in. No downloads. “ I am resubscribed. My account is valid until March 2, 2022. However, the downloads are NOT showing on my account info page. I see the previous downloads but the Apollo download are NOT there. ” I just received this: “I understand your concern and I'm sorry to inform you that your current membership account does not qualify for the 3 Apollo downloads. I apologize for the inconvenience.” How can my account not qualify? My membership expires March 2022. Can anyone help with this?
  8. Me too. Still waiting. Hopefully it will be soon.
  9. Please add me to the list too. Got the not eligible email as well.
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