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  1. They ought to commit to playing 10 extra songs for the fans on Wednesday night as a peace offering or whatever!
  2. You just can't compare Springsteen to U2, and it's not merely a "subjective" thing - it can be proven. How many smash hits has Springsteen had? How many have U2 had? How many Springsteen songs can your average person rattle off the top of his head? How many U2 songs can your average person rattle off the top of his head?
  3. They MUST play Unknown Caller - there is not another song on the album more created for being played live! I'd like to hear Stand Up Comedy but given the choice of only one I'd still have to go with Unknown Caller. I have a theory as to why they don't play songs like Stand Up Comedy; I think they have too much going on in the studio version and probably could notrecreate it live very well - like the almost constand LOVE LOVE LOVE thing going on through the entire song.
  4. ceallach67, I think you just need to be more "politically correct" here with regards to criticizing the band - and of approving of other's rightsto speak negatively about the band - and be more sensitive - understanding that there are VERY few "ho-hum" U2 fans - and most of us don't wantto read the criticism or negativity - NOT ANY. And most of us don't want to read something from someone defending their right to be negative. So if you in ANY WAY support someone's right to say something like "this new album is awful" here then don't be surprised if you'relumped in with the nay-sayers themselves. And please don't act like you don't know what I'm talking about - I know for certain that you remember the last time you and I had this very samedebate. Just consider what I am saying. Or don't. But, as you can see, I'm not the first or last person who is being rubbed the wrong way by the negativity and critiques.
  5. ceallach67 wrote: What the hell are you talking about? What I'm TALKING about is how you are always one of the few people here defending somebody's right to crap on the band. Does somebody have the right to come here and say this U2 song sucks or that U2 song sucks? Yeah. Does it make them look ridiculous when 95% of U2 fans adore 95% of their music and at least appreciate the rest? ABSOLUTELY. You can try to defend that but you are going to upset more U2 fans here than you are going to win over with your way of thinking. EDIT: Very true, you can take a piss at the band as long as its respectful, they dont mind- Baja
  6. Marvgadgie wrote: Not another thread about dropping Streets? Surely you dont want to see a U2 set without Streets? As for Man and a Woman I really dont like that song and its the only one I skip on an otherwise great album. I looked at the sets from the tour and made the Nice one into a playlist on my ipod from the studio songs to see how it hung together. I was pleasently surpised - Unforgettable Fire and Unknow Caller were made for each other! Only Sunday Bloody Sunday sounded out of place. I know I have too much time on my hands ... A Man and A Woman is a GREAT song! Eh, maybe you're not the romantic I imagine myself to be!
  7. And WHY aren't they playing 2 of the best songs on the album; Stand Up Comedy and FEZ - Being Born?
  8. Scott Montes wrote: I am pretty sure I speak for a lot of people on this website who are sick and tired of the "negativity" that so called fans bring to this site. I swear you people make yourselves feel better about your lives by putting others down, and being overly critical of the new sound. I also remember the same type of criticisim when "Actung Baby" was released...I was tired of it then...I am tired of it now! (Because I can hear how cool the new album is!!) The boys are 50...they are still making relevant cool music...stop and smell the roses...and REJOICE in the greatest band of all time!!! (they will never be what they were at 20 or 30, we all should know this. But what they are doing is still beautiful, and very cool!!) There are many great moments in "Crazy Tonight" PS...What the heck does our Nationality have to do with this discussion?? For gods sake we are One World , "One Love...Sisters....Brothers!!" Add me to the list of people who agree with you 100%. I come here to celebrate the greatest rock and roll band of all time, and I don't want to hear anything to the contrary, especially from a supposed fan whohas paid to be part of this website - it's ridiculous. You don't like the album or song as much as another U2 album or song - FINE. But don't come here and say this or that sucks because NOTHING they have done sucks - and 95 % of what they have done rests somewhere between VERY good andPHENOMENAL. Keep your negativity to yourself. Obviously I'm not the only one who feels that way, and I've been through this with a few of you once before already. Love, Tim
  9. ceallach67 wrote: Kristaps wrote: bflorendo wrote: It's rumored that radio stations have stopped playing U2's new songs, they (radio stations) haven't been paying for on-air play. Wrong! Magnificent has quite an extensive air-play here. Sorry, Kris, none of U2's new singles are getting air play here. The old stuff is, but none of the new is being played in regular rotation, if at all. I've heard Magnificent on New York radio numerous times. I think people are reading too much into why it's not on the radio. Ponder this thought: Beautiful Day went #1 worldwide and was all over the radio. Boots and Magnificent didn't and isn't. That simple.
  10. ceallach67 wrote: Don't see how the quoted Bono lyrics apply to anything I've said, but glad you're over it. It was never an issue to be worried about. Gah... you got Red Zone tickets, huh? Lucky you. And for the Vegas show too? Cool. I'm still waiting and counting down the days til Giants Stadium in Sept. Hoping on a swing through Philly in 2010, too. You're not here (ridiculously) telling everyone how much better the Bay City Rollers are than U2 again, are you?
  11. synchro wrote: Agreed. The album is pretty poor overall considering it took nearly 5 years to write. Magnificent, No Line & Moment of Surrender are great songs, leaving nothing else on the album of note. The hysterical critics' reaction on its release is vastly over-generous to a record that can't hold a candle to Achtung Baby, Joshua Tree or Pop. Just like ALL their albums I give MOST songs on this album AT LEAST 4 out of 5 stars. You're out of your mind or you haven't put in the time to get to know it.
  12. Fair enough - but it IS a VERY recent album and I think they are neglecting A LOT of great songs from that album - AND, if you noticed, I would be asking toleave out songs that are even older than that. If they are going to put songs "to bed" it should be older songs, not great recent ones.
  13. The boys ARE playing some GREAT rock and roll! And they are playing some GREAT songs. But they ARE also leaving out some GREAT songs. Which, some might say, are being left out to play "lesser" songs, or more "played out" songs! So, what AMAZING songs do you feel they are leaving out, and which songs are they playing that you feel you could do without? I'll start! I think they should play: Original of the Species instead of Walk On, Crumbs From Your Table instead of With or Without You, A Man and a Woman instead of Moment of Surrender, All Because of You instead of Stuck In a Moment, Elevation instead of Angel of Harlem, Miracle Drug instead of Where the Streets Have No Name... And they GOTTA throw in New York at Giant Stadium for good measure! Whatcha think?
  14. I am going to say something I never thought I'd say - because I love U2 so much, but I am honest also. I'm afraid, from the clips I have seen / heard of some of the songs on this tour, they have, and Bono ESPECIALLY, seemed lazy, uninspired, sloppy,unenthusiastic and BORING. I'm taking my kid, who is not a U2 fan, to his very first U2 concert, and I am REALLY hyping them up. I REALLY hope they don't embarrass me, let medown and make me look like a fool. (I think I just jump-started this dead thread!)
  15. Yeah but Get On Your Boots is a radio and youth friendly ROCK song, as was Vertigo and Beautiful Day to some degree. The ONLY other song you can really saythat about on this CD is Stand Up Comedy. They made the right call to release Get On Your Boots as the first song - TRUE FANS were going to buy the entirealbum anyway.
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