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  1. Same for me, me and my brother kept both our pre-sales codes to be able to visit Dublin with our wives, but were never able to select some!! Only looking for GA's because four seats next to each other would be impossible Just wondering whether there were GA's available during the normal sale on Monday? And if that was true why these weren't available in the pre-sale?? Seems to me that if one can sell GA tickets to hardcore fans during a pre-sale they should be available until there are no left, that's the reason why there is a pre-sale after all isn't it?
  2. Hi, if you still have these GA's, i'm willing to trade them for 2x GA for 9 sep. Please let me know if you can!
  3. Have 2x GA 8/9 and 2x GA 9/9. We would like to go to one of these shows with 4 people. Anyone interested in a trade of 2x GA 8/9 with 9/9 or 2x GA 9/9 for 8/9?? [MOD EDIT: No emails, please use PMs. Thanks]
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