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  1. Code received *London* Over and out! Enjoy the shows.
  2. Nothing in London, yet. Three hours to go - no pressure. Farcical!
  3. Good luck! And it sounds like your boss is cool. Good on her. I'll wangle something. I'll be on-line at 10 - one way or the other. Cheers.
  4. 10am on a Thursday isn't exactly handy. I have a meeting starting at 10 at work and it ain't clever sitting in the office with a credit card trying to buy concert tix on-line... But, I'll be giving it a go :-) *U2 - next time, start your pre-sale outside of business hours, pleassseee*
  5. ... albeit the link above is not a UK venue. I'm sure it gives a good indication though.
  6. I'm in the UK. No code, as yet. This link shows the best tickets are around £175 ($278) each. http://www.atu2.com/news/u2-innocence--experience-tour-2015-faq.html
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