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  1. https://www.howardstern.com/news/2018/5/15/exclusive-u2-will-rock-out-live-apollo-siriusxm/ U2 will be playing a SiriusXM subscriber only show at the Apollo Theater in NYC June 11th. The concert will be aired live on SiriusXM. SiriusXM subscribers will be receiving an email for a chance to win tickets.
  2. Finally, I have my GA for San Diego! I called the U2.com 800 support phone number TM originally gave me. After a 15-20 minute hold, the woman I spoke to gave me a different number to call regarding presale code issues, 1-855-867-5297. The hold time was less than 15 minutes. The guy I spoke to was able to get me a new presale code and even stayed on the phone while I went onto TM.com to try to purchase the ticket. I was able to unlock the Red Hill presale no problem and purchase my GA. I'm happy! What a long ordeal that was, but happy I finally "found what I'm looking for".
  3. The ordeal continues... Bigwave did some checking and was told by Ticketmaster that I've used my 4 ticket allotment already. Completely false as I used my code to buy 3 tickets in January for the Rose Bowl, so I should still be allowed to purchase a ticket for San Diego. TM also told him I used my code to buy three tickets today. None of my transactions went through when I was able to get a GA in my shopping cart. There are no new tickets for San Diego showing up in My Events webpage on Ticketmaster.com, and no charges from Ticketmaster on my credit card. Not having any luck with the al
  4. I couldn't get my GA ticket order to go through even with the new code Bigwave gave me.
  5. Ughhh... Still no luck with San Diego. Bigwave was able to get me a new presale code, but I received the same error message about a problem with my order when I added the GA to my shopping cart and tried to purchase. Now nothing comes up at all when I look for tickets. What a frustrating day...
  6. On hold with U2.com support? I've been on hold with them over 30 minutes now. Ticketmaster couldn't help me.
  7. After my transaction for the San Diego GA wouldn't go through, I called the Ticketmaster phone number posted earlier. After being on the phone with customer support for several minutes, the woman I spoke to said my presale code was no longer valid and gave me the phone number for U2.com support. So now on hold with them.. What a pain!!
  8. Same thing happened to me. Got all the way to the end and then got that message about contacting TM.
  9. I'm in the same boat.. I still have one ticket available with my presale code. Trying to get a GA for San Diego but it's only unlocking expensive VIP/RED Zone. I'll keep trying throughout the day and hope they resolve these presale code issues.
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