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  1. If more shows are added in Montréal, we will only know at the time of the onsale next Monday. Presale codes are not valid for the onsale. Fan club presale tickets are always and only for the first date announced.
  2. I got the confirmation email almost immediately, but I didn't receive my electronic tickets yet... I don't think it's an issue either!
  3. You can easily find a map of the Bell Centre by doing a Google search though!
  4. L LdeC, I think you can only see your seats when you purchase the tickets... I did a screen shot to send to my friend.
  5. You're right BillHenderson... This was really stressful. I'm glad I came here for help and got it so quickly! Have a great show everyone!
  6. I sent a message to Bigwave and he answered in seconds! So grateful! Got great tickets. Feeling especially grateful and lucky seeing that so many fans didn't get access...
  7. Got the email, got the code. I'm in Montreal, Canada, tickets sold through Evenko, not Ticketmaster. Presales have always gone smoothly before. Clicked on the link, got redicted to Evenko by Ticketmaster. Now I'm on the U2 ticket sales page on Evenko, but there is no mention of the fan club presale, only of the general onsale that will take place on Nov. 20. Waiting room should be open by now. Looks like THERE IS NO PRESALE! Anybody in Montreal got around this somehow?
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