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  1. Any word on Will there be Red Zone if this is the wrong forum i apologize Thanks Cheers...
  2. exact same here i was in at 9 sharp and RedZone wasnt even offered in the display
  3. Absolutely in my 40 years of doing shows the 360 at Blue Bonnets was far and away the best outdoor sound i have ever heard
  4. I'd be looking forward to that. Love making the drive up there...I really kinda hope NO shows are added to this 30yr thing...I'm down with it being recognized, and doing the existing stadiums but I really want the focus to stay on track with new material. Hopefully, late in the year with a tour next spring......If after next week you see shows added and this played out...you can forget any new music for an indefinite period...I'm stuill very skeptical about why its not out and this whole thing is happenning...but whatever Yes great point im hoping the same and if they get the new album out and tour maybe the Joshua experience will at least allow them to pull out some rarer tracks to add to the Songs of Experience tour
  5. For the IE they did more shows per capita then anywhere in Montreal thus i think if the do not play the toilet bowl that is the big owe (Olympic Stadium) they will certainly fill the Bell Center many nights the following year
  6. I got em at 0900-0901 just a single but got the red zone i wanted tried other cities as soon as i was processed but to no avail Good luck everyone
  7. Barilko

    Ticket for NYC

    Asking again to move the link up the list sorry and thanks cmon some one please come through NYC 5 and or 6 Chile is a long way from NYC Please U2 fans make it happen
  8. Barilko

    Ticket for NYC

    Hello crazy I know but can anyone find me a Ga for NYC5 or 6 I'm asking because I have someone coming in from Chile and would love to get her a GA Hopefully a fellow U2 fan will come through Thanks everyone and thank you U2 forum for the media to post my request
  9. Hello my name is Dave from Montreal I would really like to have that ticket I question though NYC issues real tickets you should receive them in the mail any reason why yours is paperless because NY State doesn't do paperless Cheers
  10. Not sure how many noticed Bono quietly said loudest crowd ever then stood back and shook his body as if he had a chill he was certainly sincere Montreal shows/crowds always are emotionally enthralling events
  11. Wow im so happy that last night the night i shook U2Brothr's hand he got to go up on stage and live his dream he most certainly deserved it what a lovable charismatic man...Cheers to you Mark im sure many of us share that dream i certainly do but i would just be happy to meet him and say thanks for giving me 36 years of listening pleasure but mostly would love to just say " Bono thank you for helping mankind" well time to head out for round 2 of 4 in Montreal.
  12. Oops I wasn't there should have kept silent. Great song Luv Patti. Can't wait for Montreal
  13. time to solve this puzzling question: what's the name of the song that plays before U2 hits the stage... =P Beat on the Brat. Ramones
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