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  1. Thanks for posting . So so disappointed that no Scottish dates announced. We have been to every U2 concert - apart from last yr 30 Joshua Tree tour where Scotland was missed out. My husband is too ill to travel and a huge effort to even get to Glasgow - from Kinross. Music has been our salvation throughout his illness. Don't think we will renew our memberships again. the boys have forgotten who put them up there at the beginning.
  2. I totally agree. When you look at how many dates are in Europe, it's as if they are a token gesture to their fans here. I can't help think they sold out when they signed up with Live Nation.
  3. PS. We also love Simple Mnds, who have remained true to their roots and regularly communicate with their fans on Facebook. Looking forward to seeing them in the Barrowlands next month at the launch of their new album.
  4. Thanks for everyone's input. Cannot understand why they cannot play at Hydro, Glasgow if 28 Oct - 10Nov are free!! They did the iNNOCENSE tour there. My husband is very ill so cannot travel. Flying is out of the question. It is even a big effort to get him to Glasgow and stay overnight. We were totally gutted when they missed Scotlabd out on the 30 year Joshua Tree tour las year. We saw it first time round and wanted to take our grandson, who is a budding guitarist. He was with us at the iNNOCENSE tour and loved it. I know it is a huge expenditure to put on their shows, but cannot help but feel they sold out to Live Nation, hence everything is "American" based. Much preferred when Fan Club was based in UK.
  5. We have been avid fans and followers of U2 since their conception, they have just announced dates/venues for European Tour. Yet again Scotland has been totally ignored!!. THEY TOURED "INNOCENCE" BUT NOT JOSHUA TREE AND NOW "EXPERIENCE". TOTALLY GUTTED THEY HAVE FORGOTTEN THAT SCOTLAND HELPED SO MUCH TO LAUNCH THEIR CAREERS.
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