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  1. The process was fairly easy yesterday for Melbourne and Adelaide, only a couple of hiccups. If you haven't gotten tickets yet and plan to, keep another CC on hand during the purchase process in case your bank declines the purchase. Mine did because I had first purchased tickets from Ticketmaster for Melbourne and then tried through Ticketek to purchase for Adelaide. Apparently on the 2nd purchase the bank was afraid it was fraud seeing as how it was two international purchases so I had to enter another credit card number for the 2nd purchase and then dealt with my bank after I had the Adelaide purchase squared away. Also, when dealing with Ticketmaster, if you are purchasing from another country, you must click on the "other Country" box to complete the e-tickets purchase. It's in the upper left corner of the purchase page. And also know your international phone code because you will have to enter the complete number where they are to send your e-ticket. If coming from the US, it's +1 and then your 10 digit cell number. On another note, does anyone know the price of RZ for Melbourne and Sydney?
  2. Not me...as I think when we hear Songs of Ascent that will surely indicate that the end is coming.
  3. Love how Billboard has decided that the photo for SOE should be a photo taken in Fez for NLOTH
  4. Couldn't have said it better myself...I'll see you in Vegas! The album is SO MUCH BETTER when listened to in the order that the band chose. Separate question. What's up with Summer of Love? Album credit is given to U2 for lyrics and music but part of the music was clearly "West Coast/Colors" by OneRepublic back in early 2016 (and they said it was going to be their next single). What gives? Just go to Youtube and search. Obviously Ryan Tedder was producer of SOL but the chorus is clearly the same as Colors/WC.
  5. Glad you got your GA's 504jumper. It IS nice when you see those GA's pop up!!
  6. Has anyone heard any rumblings about what the next single might be? I, for one, hope that it's Red Flag Day. I think if they hope to get into the consciousness of people who listen to mainstream pop radio (which is, I'm sure, what they are hoping to do with every single they release, to remain relevant...don't skewer me Zootopians), this must be the tune. And let's hope radio plays it!!
  7. Probably true...at checkout it probably wouldn't go through if name on TM account doesn't match the name on the CC.
  8. There is a distinction between couldn't obtain tickets and couldn't obtain the tickets you wanted. There is NO guarantee that whatever tickets you want (most people here seem to want GA's) will be offered to you. I'm sure there were some tickets offered to you, just not the tickets you wanted.
  9. I have listened to the album many times now and decided to put in on "shuffle" in the car...big mistake. The order that the band have chosen just "feels" right and "sounds" right. When you shuffle it, it strays away from being an "album" and becomes just a bunch of songs, some of which are quite jarring when you don't know they are coming.
  10. Yeah, The Blackout and American Soul would be great for a dinner party
  11. Pretty harsh coming from someone with only 3 posts.
  12. Great idea. If you are unable to go, no refund, it's a risk you take in purchasing from the fan club presale.
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