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  1. Let me get this straight...there WAS an email sent to us to redeem for the new album, right? Sent from onelivemedia.com?? The email I got does not say anything about Mrs. Sandbox so I'm assuming mine is legit??
  2. From what I've read, it would be the same code.
  3. You are indeed correct. I thought that TM and U2.com were somehow tied together for this pre-sale. However, I went back to my text that contained my innocence code and saw that it did not specify that it was for use for a particular city but the general sale code did.
  4. You are automatically registered for the pre-sale because you did the whole setup process for the first presale. in other words, your setup is complete (the green "setup complete") so you are automatically registered for this second presale. But if you used your two tickets in the first presale then you are not entitled to participate in the second presale. In addition, once all of the new shows are announced you will have to go in and register for the shows that you want a chance to get a code for in the presale, again assuming that you haven't used up your two tickets in the first presale.
  5. I'm thinking that if you used up your two tickets, you are done and will not be given another code. Through VF you will have to register for the show(s) you are interested in..just like the first pre-sale. By linking your U2.com account to Ticketmaster (that was part of the setup process) they can see which shows a fan has registered for so I don't think they will "assume" you want Boston 2, just because you registered for Boston 1.
  6. Yes, they have been uncharacteristically quiet. They probably had enough of us during the pre-sale . Oops they are here...thanks Max.
  7. Yes, as of 10am venue time, all tix remaining at all venues are being offered "non-Verified." To make it even more confusing TM still has this shown on the top right of the page so anyone looking at tickets who is not Verified probably thinks they have to get verified in order to buy tickets....
  8. I did not end up using my code (couldn't get the GAs I wanted ) so I'm hoping this code will still be good for added dates. From the way the site looks, though, seems you have to renew sub. in order to get another code for new dates....confusing.
  9. Tickets are still showing as locked for MSG...???? I thought this was a "free for all" sale...no more codes needed??
  10. Which show were you trying for and how many tickets? Most shows seem to have some of the $170 tickets still (even MSG).
  11. I tweeted to TM about getting a code but not getting the tickets I wanted and this was their response "unfortunately those were very high demand tickets and presales have a very limited inventory." BS...I know I was one of the 1st in innocence group and was only searching for one GA. They DID give me a code to use to access the Citi presale but of course there are no GA's there at this point. And U2.com told me they are only possibly assisting people who did not get a code.
  12. That and offer each U2.com subscriber 2 tickets (of their choice) per tour (maximum of two shows) and imprint them with the subscriber's name and that of their guest (subscriber needs to be present to use both tickets). Make them non-transferable, non-refundable, and require photo identification at the gate. If the name on the ticket doesn't match what's on the government-issued ID, then you don't get in. If you are unable to go to the show, then you lose your money. (I, as a subscriber, and fan for almost as long as the band has been a band, am willing to take that risk for guaranteed good se
  13. There's still the opportunity in the general onsale on Monday to fill your bucket.
  14. I' I'll qualify that by saying that definitely if you are traveling any considerable distance you are definitely doing night 2 (and maybe 3 and 4) and anything in your hometown, if you are a die-hard (which, if you are in the fan club, is safe to say you are - unless you're a tout) you are almost certain to do night 2 (assuming dates work).
  15. Anyone who is in the fan club will probably do night 2 also...but probably will not get a code.
  16. For which show? Are all of those Citi presales 9 am venue time or 9 am eastern?
  17. Keep in mind general sale is "lottery" too. I think the jury is out on whether or not the code will be valid for anything other than this leg (and even 2nd shows on this leg are not guaranteed).
  18. Thank you!! At least something made me laugh today.
  19. Keep in mind that the general sale is "lottery" only too :-( Sorry to be a Debbie Downer. With all of this pre-sale stuff I had forgotten that.
  20. Unfortunately not so simple if there are none to begin with. Guess they just released more GAs for Montreal...either that or the demand for GA in Montreal was not that great. Either way, those of us who did not get GA for our preferred show(s) will have the general sale on Monday and another chance.
  21. It should...as long as they do pre-sales for those 2nd shows.
  22. Not necessarily newer...but maybe old members who let their subscription lapse for a bit at some point and have been thrown into the Innocence group because life got in the way.
  23. I know I was one of the first in for LV tickets and no GA's to be had. I think they were all scooped up yesterday.
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