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  1. One Love Best wishes Bono Love carolastoria xxxxxxxx
  2. lol was off on holiday thats why I put and early happy birthday post up lol I have held the main man so am bound to know when his birthday is lol 10 May
  3. Magnificent....................................(and its the next single yesssssssssssssss)
  4. harold crupp wrote: Well CA, ..... if you've still got them, I was the young laddie who did a write up of Into the Heart in one of the early two colour cover fan mags. It was the red/white one. Happy days!
  5. ONE01 wrote: Well I guess I've only been waiting 15 years so my time is yet to come! That gives me time to think what I'll ask him - probably ask his real views on the new world order, Islam and inter-faith dialogue. Something pretentious and intelligent sounding like that. Ha. bet you wouldn't......
  6. hello to an original fan lol I still have my original prop paper fan mail stuff been fan since '79
  7. not jealous of any girl I had my moment with Bono and after waiting 23 years to meet him well they are all welcome to him lol lol
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