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  1. Thanks Mods...you guys have a thankless job sometimes but we all appreciate your help!
  2. It just started working -- it unlocks Red Hill tickets now, including GA!
  3. I just talked to Ticketmaster (the 800 653 8000 number) for 30 minutes and while they tried to help they said I had to talk to the fan club. So here I am. Still trying for just 1 GA to San Diego, and still only pulling RZ/VIP. On 2 computers, 4 browsers, and the app on my phone.
  4. I have one ticket left on my code and I'm still only pulling RZ and VIP for San Diego...what's going on?
  5. Same thing happening for San Diego
  6. Thanks Max...I'm in the same boat. Should have 1 ticket left on my code and I definitely want to use it if there are more presales.
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