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  1. I'm going to second U2 3D I never got to see it
  2. Sounds good to me. Australia/New Zealand late 2019 is the perfect time and place to kick it off!
  3. Black Sabbath in Auckland April 20th & 22nd, Melbourne April 29th & May 1st as well as Adelaide May 7th
  4. Mercy Ultra Violet Acrobat Love and Peace The Unforgettable Fire The Fly Until the end of the world City of Blinding lights Mofo Discotheque
  5. Well if I was to be in the clubs in a years time and a U2 song comes on, not remixed, I'll be pretty happy!!
  6. They often announce a 2nd date within 2 weeks of a sell out so all seems likely enough to me
  7. I will follow vs Until the end of the world
  8. I think regular concerts at Slane Castle will help
  9. I still genuinely believe that songs like Magnificent and No Line on the horizon are some of U2s best
  10. it's funny you know becuase from my experiences, it seems that most 'U2 fans' who don't like NLOTH havent actually listened to the album!
  11. I became at fan at 13, saw them for the first time at 15 and twice last week at 19. Sheffield didn't sell so well last time I don't think did it?? You'd think they'd do at least a couple of shows in the UK next year, especially if they're out promoting a new album
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