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  1. Sounds good to me. Australia/New Zealand late 2019 is the perfect time and place to kick it off!
  2. It's a beautiful day here in Christchurch, summers definitely here! So it's relaxing in the sun with Acthung Baby today
  3. I would like to thank you for posting this. As a huge U2 fan since I was ooh maybe 12, I was pretty gutted to not be able to afford the subscription fee in time for pre-sales. From this being posted I was able to access the ticketek pre-sale, and have now secured tickets. Which is a lot better than standing in the queue all night (which was my plan) I actually had tears of happiness when I secured the tickets and it is all appreciated very muchly!!
  4. 24977 today was supposed to be housecleaning day for me but I got rather distracted
  5. 24939 Thank goodness for copy and paste, my four and five button don't work. Could cause some major dramas in such a thread
  6. 24817 - yes I think I'll be here more often, my friends arent U2 fans and it gets a little tedious at times!
  7. 24809 - can't believe this counting is still going on! remember it when I was last here (2005 or something)
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