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  1. right ok i got tickets now in the onsale but all the normal tickets were gone so i had to get platinum/gold tickets to dublin and belfast :'( i hope they're transferable if it turns out this was a huge financial mistake haha. i guess i can always sell my milan tickets to make some money back
  2. Max my post said I was NOTIFIED by an unofficial fan page.... not planning with one. As in I wasn't notified by any official source at all. How can one start planning if one hasn't been notified that there's a tour/that there's tickets on sale?
  3. Just got an official response from the website and they confirm I won't be allowed to enter the presales for my own country and have to compete against everyone else instead despite being a paying member because my code was used for the Milan tickets. I would be fine with that if Dublin and Belfast weren't confirmed at that time but they said they were but they just didn't put it on the tour page because it was on the news page, basically implying that it's good enough that it was on the news page. So it's not enough that we're paying over the odds for the subscription, we also have to scour every inch of this terribly designed website before making any financial decision,. Business as usual from LiveNation then, great stuff! I know it's ALWAYS been like this and after all these years I should know better but tbh it wouldn't be hard for LN to shape up a bit, but they don't and never will because we always just accept and go above and beyond instead, while paying for the privilege.
  4. mich40 I do yet it was an unofficial fan page which alerted me. I normally do check the site periodically but tbh you'd think with such a big band as U2 it would be big news when they are going on tour and third party media would be picking it up, didn't happen this time though, nobody in the media seems particularly bothered or interested. Weird that fans have to go hunting down information about a major event from one of the biggest bands in the world. A lot of us don't have time to be on here much anymore, but do you know, the main thing is the website. It's almost completely unusable now. I don't understand really because U2 is always worried about the threat of irrelevance yet nobody at LiveNation seems to care about PR.
  5. I suppose so. Though it doesn't work when the Irish fans use their presale code not knowing there's going to be Irish shows haha! Though I did save my presale code last time, but the PR for this year has been very limited, I didn't hear anything about Irish shows until after the presales. Plus the other thing is that I sometimes find it hard to trust that there really WILL be Irish shows, because we have a history of venues being cancelled (like Garth Brooks). Though I'm not sure if that would happen with U2... Yes I hope so too! I always see them when they are here and I can't imagine not seeing them! I don't even know what I'd do if that happened but LiveNation would definitely be hearing from me!
  6. Right okay answering my own question more or less - I see the limit is 2 tickets, which means I now cannot enter the presales for my own country, due to Dublin/Belfast being missing from the list at the time of the presales. Great organisation as usual there LiveNation, really well done. Next time actually put the cities that are planned maybe? Sick of Dublin being left of the list until the last moment every tour, yeah I know it takes them longer to book it but if they know they are going to book it it should be on there. Unless it's not confirmed and could still be cancelled, in which case fine because I'd rather have Milan tickets as insurance than end up with nothing. But yeah seriously I better be able to get Dublin tickets in the onsale. There's no way I'm flying all the way from Ireland to Italy to see them but not being allowed to see them in my own country! Not happening I tell yous!!!
  7. Right I hate doing this and I know we all hate people who do this but I can't find an FAQ or a relevant thread or anything, I'm sure it's out there somewhere but the UI of the website is becoming more and more unfriendly to those of who don't have the time to log on often and get used to it - it's not intuitive in the SLIGHTEST (maybe that's the point, hardcore Zootopians only ). So I'm going to do that very annoying thing when someone asks questions that have probably answered five hundred times already: I didn't know they were announcing Irish dates (I live in Belfast) so I went ahead and used to my presale code for 2 Milan tickets. What's the ticket limit? Will I still be able to use it in the Irish presales? I'm assuming if the limit is 2 (which I have heard it is now) or if there's no splitting then the answer is no.... I better be able to get Irish tickets regardless... bit ridiculous if Irish fans have to go to another country and not get to go to the gig in their own country lol!
  8. oh my goodness the new website layout/design is even worse than before! gets worse every time they redesign it it seems!

    1. flashmanbrum


      Totally agree, it feels like its been handed over to some kids to sort out. What is going on with the whole U2.com shambles, who is responsible? It looks like the fans opinions don't matter anymore.

  9. Yes, I've just PMed you my PayPal address. I'll send them by recorded post, I'm not sure how much it costs. If you can send me the delivery address I can get a quote from the Post Office tomorrow and then you will know the total amount that you need to PayPal me, and then I can post them to you.
  10. Yes, I can post within the UK. And PayPal should be fine.... I'll just double check that mine is still working, I hardly use it these days! The tickets say Gate C on them, so it means you'd be entering the stadium via Gate C, I'm not sure where that is as I've never been to Twickenham, I'll have a look on the Ticketmaster website. I haven't been to any gigs on this tour yet so I'm not sure if there's any preferential entrance points with regards to stage setup and whatnot. I've heard about this Pitch 1 / Pitch 2 stuff but I haven't looked into it properly. Ticketmaster says the stage is at the south end of Twickenham but it doesn't say where Gate C is. But someone who is familiar with the stadium may know! edit: ah here we go http://www.englandrugby.com/twickenham/visiting-the-stadium/seating-plan
  11. *UPDATE* The tickets detailed below have now been sold. I have two GA tickets (Gate C) for sale for Saturday 8th July at Twickenham Stadium London for £78.25 each (£70 face value plus £8.25 service charge) (plus shipping if required). I am located in Belfast but can post the tickets upon receipt of payment. Can also meet up / deliver in person etc if you're in/near Belfast (you'd have to come to me if you're outside of Belfast though as I can't drive). Me and my friend were going to go but we're both behind with our studies and probably also should be saving our money and we're going to Dublin anyway
  12. ​Yup I know, I've seen them in Dublin twice and it's my local venue for this tour (and for 360), but it's not been THIS high demand in recent years! In the public sale yes, not in the presale. They are usually easy to get in the presale! Good to know I can try again tomorrow! Now to just see if I have the money haha!
  13. I'm in Northern Ireland and got the same message. It was the first thing that came up at 09:00. I'm assuming it means the tickets sold out immediately but it would be good if we could have clarification on this from Ticketmaster. I have to go to work soon.
  14. I'm in the Red Hill Group and was in the Dublin presale this morning. The tickets sold out immediately, it said "loading" and then "no tickets". So it must be a very busy presale this year! I know Dublin tickets are hard to get but I don't usually have problems in the presale. Luckily I got tickets to London, so I will just have to travel there (I live in Ireland). What I am wondering is about the ticket allocations for the various presales. The Wires presale is tomorrow - can I go into that with my Red Hill presale code to buy Dublin tickets or will the tickets allocated to that presale only be accessible by those with a Wires presale code (which would be fair enough)? I should still be able to buy 2 more tickets to a European venue as I only bought 2 for London and the limit is 4 so long as it's all the same continent right?
  15. with I+E they had presales when they added the Irish dates but no further presale codes were added. I knew this would happen so deliberately didn't use mine for the earlier presales for other venues, so that I could enter the Dublin presales. As for additional dates for already sold venues, I THINK they had extra presales sometimes but not sure...
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