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  1. I don't know how to PM you. [MOD EDIT: No emails. Please use PMs] if you are interested in selling 2 of the tickets to me! Thanks!
  2. Hello Do you still have the tickets? I am interested in either the July 27th or the July 26th in case the other ones were sold! Thank you
  3. Hello! I'm looking for 1 or 2 tickets for any of the NYC shows. Ideally I would like 2 GA tickets for either the 26,27,30 or 31 July show but ANYTHING (for any show, even if it's just one ticket, GA or seats etc) works really as long as it's face value! Please message me or answer here. You can send me the ticket(s) online and I can pay via Pay Pal or I can meet up in NYC. Thank you
  4. It was in 2004 ( i was 12 back then ) and i liked very much an irishband, The Corrs. When I found out that Andrea (the lead singer) was friends with Bono, i started doing some research on who Bono was..he was the lead singer ofa band called U2. Then a couple of month later i heard Vertigo on the TV..which didn't actually say much to me . But just a few days later i heard New Year's Day. The song and thevideo made such a big impression on me that i could never forget it. I went to a music store and i bought War and listened to it over and over again and then ibought all their albums, and then all the singles,and then books, posters, pins, DVD..from not knowing who they were i completly fell in love with them in justa few days !and now five years later i'm finally going to go to my first U2 concert, in Nice( i still can't believe that i'm going to SEE THEM LIVE)!!!
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