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  1. no line on the horizon or mofo
  2. moment of surrender breathe unknown caller stand up comedy no line on the horizon fez-being born magnificent get on your boots crazy tonight cedars of lebanon white as snow
  3. No, I think I'd go for Bono... holy crap, I never said such a thing! how dare you state such ridiculous fantasies on my own dignitys behalf! shame on you! ;-)
  4. so is all your talk of homosexual ways.
  5. yer, not in a video, but in person, in concert.
  6. The joshua tree (10/10) no line on the horizon (10/10) achtung baby (10/10) rattle and hum (9/10) boy(8/10) pop(8/10) war(7/10) the unforgettable fire(7/10) how to dismantle an atomic bomb(6/10) October(6/10) all that you can't leave behind(5/10) zooropa(2/10) it changes every day ;-)
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