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  1. Once again we fall victim to the hands of the legalised ticket touts that are Ticketmaster and their partner site Get Me In. In just minutes, tickets vanished and were repackaged as more expensive options on Get Me In. That left a choice of £100-£1500 for standard tickets. It is an absolute disgrace that this should still be allowed to continue. U2 as a band, their management and tour management should be fully aware of the processes that happen during ticket sales. This is nothing new. Every single time it is a total mismanagement. The rich people who have more money than sense, pay ridiculously high prices. This leaves us mere mortals empty handed. What really annoys me is that most of these people wouldn't know U2 if Bono bit them on the arse! Speaking of Bono. He bangs on about the Red and One Campaigns, The Red Zones etc. But is he aware of what happens every time tickets for U2 go on general sale? OK, there are presales for members. But how much does membership cost? In order to stick with a band who release an album, on average, every 5 years? I was lucky enough to see the 360 tour at Wembley. That was 2008!! With 5 or 6 nights at the O2, there should have been plenty of £30-60 tickets to go round. But I wonder what percentage of them actually sold at face value? My disgust is mainly with the ticket agencies. But it's high time that the bands themselves and their management teams did something about this. STOP LEGALISED TOUTING, NOW!!
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