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  1. I just got it delivered! It's been a long time coming, over 5 weeks...
  2. Nothing yet. More than 4 weeks since shipping and counting...
  3. Mine stays the same. Haven't received it yet. Membership gifts shipping, and mostly receiving, is always such a...
  4. My tracking link sends back no results, so I don't know what to expect... Email notification of shipment was received a week ago.
  5. Finally got the parcel earlier this morning. Excellent packaging and items in mint condition. It's been a long time coming, but absolutely worthwhile for collectors of this up and coming band from Dublin...
  6. Apparently mine was shipped February 15h via UPS Main Innovations. No tracking number. No email notification of shipment sent. Not received. And I'm gonna bite my tongue until it bleeds...
  7. Haven't received mine either. CS when asked simply copy and paste the news entry. 2017 came and went, early february come and go, not to mention codes and presale debacles for members, new and old. Not happy about the current situation after 21 years of Propaganda and u2.com
  8. You're welcome! Good luck tomorrow. I have to push my luck until wednesday, since I already bought tickets with my eXPERIENCE code for the first date and despite confusing and contradictory information, it looks like i won't be able to use it again for another single ticket. I've read that some people has bought for both the US and EU legs, but I don't wanna risk my membership and tickets. This is frustrating and outrageous to say the least, especially since i've been a member of Propaganda/U2.com since 1997 and never had these many problems on any past tours. Let me know if you
  9. You will need to create an account on Ticketmaster Spain. Been there, done that whenever i've had to buy tickets for gigs outside Spain. I highly recommend you to create it before presales start and also log in into your account before attempting to buy your tickets, in order to speed up the process. And yes, there's an English language option for you.
  10. Absolutely happy for you! Against all odds, it’s the 21st! And if that fact serves as a cornerstone, they could add additional gigs on the 23rd and 24th, I guess! ?
  11. I have no idea, but one thing’s for sure: I would disregard 09/21, since there’s another show at the same venue by another artist on the 22nd, and U2’s load out and the other artist’s load in would make it less than probable. Per my calculations, I’d say 09/19, but it’s just me looking at the itinerary and the calendar.
  12. It sure matters, as the Lisbon date on the 16th does and possible additional dates there do. My two cents go to another Madrid date on the 19th which won't be announced until 09/20 sells out.
  13. If this is not rectified and the system improved in time for the european leg presages next year, oh, boy, i'm gonna be mad and U2's management will have no excuses. I'm one of the few who was verified way beforehand, received and email and then another revoking my rights. Through moderators and Community Managers I received my texts and codes 2 and a half hours after presages for the "experience" group had begun. This never ever happened to me before and I've been using presales since the "Elevation" Tour, when there was still mail order through Propaganda magazine. From then on I've been abl
  14. Now that you mention it, I'm not really sure, but it could very much be the case. But i've been getting tickets during pre-sales since 2001 for both arenas and stadiums and I wasn't aware of those limits. If I look at the I+E Tour two years ago and The Joshua Tree this year and even the 360º Tour a few years back, I never exhausted my ticket limit anyway. So you may be actually right. My guess is that the european leg of the E+I Tour will be stadiums, but it'd not make sense considering the stage configuration of the 2015's tour at all!
  15. I finally got the texts at exactly 5:27 pm my local time (GMT+1). All in all, I don't think i'm gonna be able to get the tickets i wanted. Talk about "the blackout"... Been a U2 subscriber since the Propaganda days and I remember that I could get my tickets for the Elevation Tour without any hassle. From then on I've been a verified experience member and been able to get tickets for every show i wanted during presale, even when depending on your verified member seniority you had different windows for presages, Vertigo Tour on, if i remember properly. Now tha
  16. Nothing yet. No email, no code. Very promising for this leg's presale and next year's.
  17. Things don't always turn out quite like you wanted them to. Period. A new girlfriend. Got tickets to see the band in London at the last minute even though i thought i'd not see them until next year. I got a call from my tattoo studio to change the appointment for my proposed U2 tattoo for the same week. That day we went to have dinner at an irish pub and as soon as we sat at our table lo and behold "Sunday Bloody Sunday" started playing. It was absolutely my U2 week. Well, here it is. The latest album logo is so defining of the band and evocative of life itself i had to have it...
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