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  1. It's a yet to be released U2 song called "Soon" (was called "Kingdom") Search it on youtube
  2. Thanks Sal...found them! I'll put this out there while i'm here: I have 2 Red Zone tix for Perth 2...wanting to swap for Melbourne tix
  3. Where can i see my codes? I should have two and can't find them anywhere.
  4. They're coming! The best news ever! I just read about here...http://www.triplem.com.au/melbourne/music/news//blog/u2-coming-to-australia/20090817-59rr.html
  5. Jump in a time machine, go back to about Feb this year, take out a subscription and presto...you'll be in the Horizon group Ps: don't forget to come back to the present
  6. It's been put there to do exactly what you guys have done here....get you thinking. First time i saw it i interpreted it as there being "no line on the horizon" When i look at it i see the simple equals sign as a line above thehorizon and another line below the horizon but there's no actual line on the horizon. You follow? It's clever.
  7. Sorry...your post is too black &white...i can't bear to read it
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