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  1. It's a yet to be released U2 song called "Soon" (was called "Kingdom") Search it on youtube
  2. Thanks Sal...found them! I'll put this out there while i'm here: I have 2 Red Zone tix for Perth 2...wanting to swap for Melbourne tix
  3. Where can i see my codes? I should have two and can't find them anywhere.
  4. They're coming! The best news ever! I just read about here...http://www.triplem.com.au/melbourne/music/news//blog/u2-coming-to-australia/20090817-59rr.html
  5. Jump in a time machine, go back to about Feb this year, take out a subscription and presto...you'll be in the Horizon group Ps: don't forget to come back to the present
  6. It's been put there to do exactly what you guys have done here....get you thinking. First time i saw it i interpreted it as there being "no line on the horizon" When i look at it i see the simple equals sign as a line above thehorizon and another line below the horizon but there's no actual line on the horizon. You follow? It's clever.
  7. Sorry...your post is too black &white...i can't bear to read it
  8. You'll most likely be a 'boot' for the rest of the 360 tour. I'd say if you keep subscribing and don't let it lapse you'll be in thehighest presale group if and when they tour next in years to come.
  9. That would just ruin it. People would just buy numerous copies to resell on ebay at a profit. They wouldn't be so exclusive anymore...right?
  10. It took about a week after subscribing for the paid forums to show up for me...they'll show up for you...one day
  11. I agree Mac, but this brilliant album has songs that are so much better as candidates for a first release single than 'Boots' was. One that comes to mind is Magnifcent. It's got everything that makes it perfect for radio play and would appeal to the general public / non U2 fans andpart time fans.....which in turn would get their inquistive minds into the record stores to buy the album. I just reckon Boots was a poor decision as a first up single release.
  12. Pity about the single....
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