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  1. It's been put there to do exactly what you guys have done here....get you thinking.


    First time i saw it i interpreted it as there being "no line on the horizon" When i look at it i see the simple equals sign as a line above thehorizon and another line below the horizon but there's no actual line on the horizon. You follow?


    It's clever.

  2. I agree Mac, but this brilliant album has songs that are so much better as candidates for a first release single than 'Boots' was.


    One that comes to mind is Magnifcent. It's got everything that makes it perfect for radio play and would appeal to the general public / non U2 fans andpart time fans.....which in turn would get their inquistive minds into the record stores to buy the album.


    I just reckon Boots was a poor decision as a first up single release.

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