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  1. I'll settle for the Edge's solo version he did at the Mexico Popmart show
  2. Here's the info from the last question found on the tour FAQ page... Q - How can I purchase tickets for disabled access? A - In North America you can click the accessible seating icon on the 'event detail' page, and fill out a form, which sends an email request toTicketmaster's e-care for handling. The form contains a field to accept your access code. If you are booking tickets for European shows and you requirespecial needs seating please follow the instructions on the relevant page of the website that is selling the tickets for the show of your choice. Hope that helps
  3. I don't see it as 'selling out'. Think about it... it would cost enormous amounts to put on a travelling show like these cutting edge U2 shows.Without a sponsor they'd have to use more of their own funds...this would lead to much higher ticket prices. From what i can work out and from i've read in various places on the net, U2 are aiming at keeping ticket prices lower than ever before this time around. What would you prefer...higher ticket prices or a Blackberry logo here and there? Who knows how this deal pans out...you might wake up to text messages fromBono every morning
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