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  1. Same thing happened when they did MTV in Berlin a couple of years ago. Most people only went because it was for free. Atmosphere in London was great at the front though. Everyone singing, dancing, jumping, screaming.
  2. Following! Would love to go :-)
  3. Still looking for a ticket if anyone has a spare. Promise to be good company and buy you drinks
  4. Is anyone still looking for a +1? I would gladly volunteer to join you
  5. Off to Amsterdam in a bit. Hoping to be part of the film shoot :)

  6. For sale: 1 GA (Collector). I am in Berlin and can hand over the ticket at the stadium.
  7. Friend can't come, so I now have a spare. Please pm me if interested :-)
  8. Following. I have brought my pocket camera to previous U2 shows in London and never had a problem.
  9. Unfortunately I don't have tickets for trade. But if you decide to sell 1 RZ please keep me in mind. Thanks
  10. Yes, we did in Seattle Went into RZ briefly before the support act started but the spot we had in normal GA was a lot better, so we went back right away.
  11. Section 418, Edge side. Message me if interested :-)
  12. Hi Laura, I sent you a PM. I am very interested in the Vancouver ticket!
  13. Does anyone know if and how it's possible to transfer a GA to another credit card? (I heard that even though ticketmaster says it's not possible some people found ways to do it in 2015).
  14. Hi all, Did someone maybe end up with a spare GA or RZ? It's my birthday gig but unfortunately I couldn't get any ticket. Thanks a million!
  15. Does anyone know if it will be possible to by tickets for different cities with one presale code (it worked with previous tours). Or is it up to 4 tickets for one city only?
  16. I don't care about the contest, just curious who actually invented it? Does anyone know? I talked to Bono in Paris the day before the original HBO shooting and he didn't have the slightest clue about it. He was very surprised there was an e-stage-contest, so it wasn't the band's idea, that's for sure
  17. The whole contest was a joke. But who cares about all those e-stage wannabees in the end? Let's just get over that part and enjoy the rest of the show
  18. GA or MGZ would be my first choice
  19. Rumour says yes but nobody knows for sure yet I guess.
  20. I have a spare MGZ ticket for Dublin 3 that I would like to swap for Dublin 4 (MGZ or GA). Maybe anyone out there can help?
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