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  1. They done it before and they will do it in the future. They promised to ship I+E doble CD in spring 2019 and in fact they started to do it in late summer. Some people including myself are yet to receive the gift after more than 1 year and 3 months since I paid the subscription fee. Unfortunately U2.com doesn’t care for the fans otherwise they would keep their own promises and provide a quality service.
  2. I have received the same mail today. Funny thing is that this happened before, in December 2019 they asked me to confirm the shipping address promising to send the gift in Short time. Which of course didn’t happened. Let’s hope this time around they will do send the gift accordind to their own promises, that is “as soon as” we confirmed the address.
  3. Great: they took people’s money yet they didn’t ordered from the producer the right number of CD’s!
  4. I am still Waiting for my 2019 gift here in România. I resubscribed back in November 2018, that is more than 1 year and 3 months ago and haven’t received the gift yet. I informed U2 costumer service about that issue in December 2019 and they promised the problem will be solved soon which of course didn’t happened. I recontacted them 2 days ago and they didn’t bother to reply. What can I Say? This is not right, people spend hard earn money on their favorurite band and expect respect and quality service for that. Unfortunately that is not the case regarding U2.com/LiveNation
  5. Relax, I paid mine in November 2018 and I haven’t received it yet. How about that, is this not a big delay or what???? Your purchase information: 11/25/2018 11:35AM Pacific
  6. My point was that we already have I+E Tour on DVD/Blue Ray, E+I Tour on 2 CD as 2019 subscribers gift (actually I don’t have it as U2.com hasn’t send it to me) and most likely will have an official release of E+I Berlin Show Both on DVD and Blue Ray later this year (mark my words). In that case, a TJT 2017-2019 Tour release in format of our choice (cd, vinyl or Download) would have been a better gift. The 4 vinyls with only 4 live songs from TJT 2017 Tour were a lousy gift, considering that we all have heard before countless times WOWY, Streets and Still Haven’t Found.
  7. During TJT 2017 U2 Sung songs they haven’t done in years or never: Exit, Red Hill Minning Town, Running to Stand Still, Trip Through Your Wires. I think those are the kind of songs we all want to have on cd/vinyl/digital Download and not With or Without You, The Streets and Still Haven’t Found which we all have in many different versions from each and every Tour. By the way, 2018 TJT vinyl subscriber gift was lousy, 4 out of the 8 songs we all already have.
  8. Me too. And on top of that I paid for it in November 2018.
  9. Sad but true. I’m not renewing my subscription, I won’t pay another 40$ for a “gift” which Takes more than one year to rich me. That is if it will ever arrive to me. Beside that “gift”, we got nothing “special” as part of our U2.com membership, so what’s the point to continue as paid subscriber?
  10. Since Livenation “took charge” of U2.com, the whole thing run downhill. This site is dull and dry like a desert plain. And on top of that, they can’t keep up with their own promises. I think it is about time band Members step down and do someting about it because it is totally innacetable the way U2.com is treating the hard core fans!
  11. Mine situation is even worse: I didn’t received Any mail notification about shipping, so I’ve contacted U2.com costumer support. Guess what - they forget I resubscribed back in November 2018 thus they didn’t send my CD. After providing all details about my subscription, they promised to sort things out. Now it’s January 2020 and I still haven’t received the CD I paid for in November 2018. That is what I call consideration and care for costumers/fans!
  12. Sometimes in the future, nobody knows, not Even Santa Clauss.
  13. Yes, we pay 40/50 USD for nothing: no live streems, no full lenght videos, no dowloands of songs from past concert, nothing. Just lausy one and a half minute video from a concert or 3 minutes maximum interview.
  14. I’m in the exactly same situation, on top of that I still haven’t received my CD yet. Guess what I will do: renew my subscription or not?
  15. I know that, but it is really a big shame from U2.com to send subscribers a remainder of the fact that they promised the delivery of the CD in the spring and now it is December and some folks, including myself, haven’t received it yet. This prooves just as bad the U2.com costumer service is as what ammount of attention and consideration the put on.
  16. Today I received this e-mail from U2.com Your U2.com subscription finishes in 30 days.Re-subscribe today and pay $40 instead of $50 to receive a copy of the limited edition double CD set iNNOCENCE + eXPERIENCE Live, 2015 & 2018.From "The Miracle (Of Joey Ramone)", "Every Breaking Wave" and "Song for Someone" to "The Blackout", "Get Out Of Your Own Way" and "13 (There Is A Light)", this is the definitive live companion to Songs Of Innocenceand Songs Of Experience. Downloads of this special 2019 subscription gift will begin in February, with the double CD set itself, presented in a beautiful photographic book, being mailed out in the Spring. This is a f.. joke, they want me to resubscribe and promise me in December 2019 to send me the CD in the spring. Of what year, since I still haven’t received it after an year long of waiting????
  17. No problem, I wasn’t stressed about that. My only concern is that they do not write again an incomplete address on the envelope. Hope they fix that issue this time around.
  18. How looooog, how looooong must we sing this song, I mean wait for those songs, how looooong?
  19. Yes, I couldn’t agree more. That is really a brilliant idea! What better proof that the band really cares about its fan base would be than giving subscribers the possibility to Download the concert of your choice (from I+E or E+I tours, of course)?
  20. Yeah, right, they will start shipping in August. More likely August 2020. Now it’s past mid July and they haven’t yet announced the final track list, still they promise to deliver the CD in less than a month. Do you beLIEve it?
  21. No new downloads, no final track list, no news about shipping date, nothing. No news on the horizon, U2 “gift” moves in mysterious ways!
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