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  1. Tesseract and Animals Are Leaders. If you're into that type of music.
  2. I've been doing live audio for this great local band, here in Tampa Florida, called 10th Concession. The name comes from the street their dad's work was located. They recently won a local Ultimate Local Band of Tampa contest, based on fans' votes. These guys sound like Jack's Mannequin/Jimmy Eat World/Coldplay. Playing live, they do like a small U2 show. They've released a CD, and an EP. They do a cover here and there, live, but can put on a show with at least 15 originals. Their fanbase ranges in all ages, but the majority are college women. Please check out their latest single, Say OK, just released earlier this week. Big supporters of the anti-bullying campaign.
  3. Time to take them down.
  4. ...and there's those lights we put up.
  5. Taking a breather after carrying one of several lights up those stairs. A great view of the Claw!
  6. With U2, redunancy is the safe way to go, for an almost mistake-free show.
  7. About to do some 'plumbing' work, underneath the stage...then cover the whole thing with black drape....It's like a maze down there!
  8. Would only do this for my favorite band, U2....no one else!
  9. There are seven of these. 14 of us 4-manning the lights up the nose bleed section...right to the top!....and 8-manning the spots.
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