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  1. I agree with you Pain_18_ with a band that has been doing this for 38yrs now, of trying to meet the expectations of today's kids. However, when I heard Invisible, yes, it didn't blow me away, but I listened to it several times. I tried to break it down...like I do to every U2 song. Ok, it's sounds catchy and more refined. But the bass line, for some reason, reminds me of Billy Idols' Dancing With Myself. It also has a Psychedelic Furs vibe to it, with that synth lead and the chant of "there is no them, only us". Also, the beginning reminds me of Kraftwerk's sound. One thing with U2, being an
  2. I think their latest releases of Ordinary Love and Invisible was used to see the reaction of today's audience...especially the Super Bowl commercial. To see if there's relevance in today's world of music. Performing on Fallon's 1st Tonight Show also shows, they're trying to adapt to various types of media coverage for this day and age. They even changed the image again to a more "hipster" look...Adam with the Beiber hair style...lol The way I see the music scene today: I work with a lot of national acts (from the current to the crooners) for live audio production, and yes, it has chang
  3. As far as touring, it will come down to Bono's voice. Yes, we'd like to think U2 can last forever, but these guys aren't getting any younger. The days of singing 4 nights a week might be coming to an end for these guys. Meaning the duration of the tour will be limited to certain continents, or it will be drawn out...especially arena tours. They could have a longer break in between legs of tours too. Of course you've got bands such as the Stones still touring, but compare the vocal range requirements to sing U2 songs vs. Stones' songs. U2360 averaged 2hrs 15mins per show. Some will pull it off
  4. Working in the live industry, there's a lot of politics in assigning openers for tours. For some instances, even though it makes sense for some related fanbase/sounding bands to instantly be called upon, they don't make it on the bill. It's rare that the headliners get to pick who opens for them on tour. Local openers are usually a last addition...even on the day of the show. Also there's some that switch, depending on the location of the tour. Example was My Chemical Romance and Muse touring together. MCR was the headliner in the U.S., Muse was headlining in Europe.
  5. What do you guys make of this? These can be just working titles...and maybe "MANhattan" could be just working title for the entire new album, since they're working in NYC. Unless there's a full, complete version of North Star and Every Breaking Wave, I don't think they'll make the final cut.
  6. Too big, and 30STM suck as it is. 30STM have been great live when I've worked with them. Too big as in the caliber of the bands?....one band per tour run.
  7. Morning Parade, Mutemath, Sick Puppies, Conditions, Lovedrug, The Killers, 30 Seconds to Mars, Angels & Airwaves, Jimmy Eat World, Boy Likes Girl.
  8. I think it will go back to the usual arena format in the U.S. and stadium shows for the rest of the world. Depending on how successful the album is, or if they follow it up with another album (like Achtung/Zooropa), they might take another round of the U.S. (big markets) in the stadium format (like the ZooTV tour). One thing to factor in is that Mark Fischer (stage designer) passed away a few months ago. They could've had some pre-production in the works...who knows? Btw, what ever happened to the 3 claws? They have been known to recycle some stage components from their previous tour. Like the
  9. Dream Theater performs Red Hill Mining Town...haven't seen it though. A local band, I've worked with, The Flatts, do a great live version of Streets. What's interesting is the singer sounds more like Matt Bellamy (Muse). They covered Streets several years before Muse did, on numerous gigs.
  10. [quote name='peterferris8 wrote: richie459']Wow you sound like a chap who knows his stuff! Stages etc interest me a lot its always the first thing I think about when a band tours "wonder what the stage is like". I was just speaking from a spectator point of view! I have seen some great tours though with great effects in recent years, but of them all I bet U2 were gobsmacked they never though of the wristbands Coldplay used last year. They even bought the company who produce them. I'm a bigger U2 fan but those wristbands were the simplest yet cleverest and atmospheric idea I have ever
  11. There were some new technology coming out during the Elevation/Vertigo tour. Like the projectors that lit up over the entire crowd, LED curtains, LED track lighting lining the stage, the 3D smoke projection, The Edges multi-FX pedals, Adam Clayton's bass rig, the types of lighting and video software used...stuff that's not evident in the show, but are essential to have, to make it happen. Even just the wireless mics used during Elevation tour and the in-ears monitor system...they were the latest back during that time. The DigiCo D5, the Avid Profile D sound consoles and the i4 P.A. were also c
  12. In A Little While Stuck In A Moment Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For One Sunday Bloody Sunday Mysterious Ways Beautiful Day With Or Without You Elevation City Of Blinding Lights With this list, these songs have been played in most of their shows, since their release. Although some of their arrangements have been modified, they've just been overplayed, live, too much. Also on radio as well. Although these songs are what identifies U2, it's not the complete U2. It would be great if the media exposed more their less known songs. After all, this is the greatest rock band in th
  13. [quote name='peterferris8 wrote: richie459']Hmmm I'm going to say album early 2014 and tour in the summer of 2014! Would love to be wrong though! Mercury Records made a statement a while ago saying that a bunch of bands (including U2) were due to have albums out in 2013. Although, mind you, Metallica were one of the bands mentioned in the statement and they've said their album's not out until early 2014, so who knows what could happen? I think with any luck, the album with be out by autumn, with a run of UK/Ireland arena dates (since it'll probably be that whether anyone likes it or no
  14. Come to think of it, if the band has a concept for their next tour, they'll probably have to wait for the development of some sort of technology that they're after to use for that tour. Notice how far apart their album releases have been since ZooTV? Takes usually about 3 to 4 years to come out with new innovations and production...and U2 is usually the 1st band to showcase them on each of their tours. As you all know, they're always trying to push the envelope on live production too. Just a thought from a live production techie.
  15. [quote name='peterferris8 wrote: bflorendo']Something reminiscent of the War Tour, like Under A Blood Red Sky and ZooTV tour(arena version). Rock and Raw! Stage: Arena tour, end stage with seats behind the stage...as usual. However, add stand-only areas just off to the side of the stage. From my work experience, it's more intimate jam session-style atmosphere. The crowd, in that section, will feel like they're also onstage and a more personal interaction with the band. Sound-wise, truthfully, it won't sound as good, but I think people will have a once-in-a-lifetime experience. That
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